Unpacked and Settled

Most all of you know at this point that I moved to my own apartment in downtown Louisville. This past weekend I finally got unpacked and settled. Welcome to my new home...


Unbridled Spirit

Unbridled; With all restraints removed.

The very first thing that I saw when I crossed into the state of Kentucky was the logo shown above on a huge water tower. How ironic that it’d be the first thing I’d see when crossing over in the State of my new home, and more than that, my new life. Unbridled Spirit. All restraints in my life gone. The freedom and ability to change my life waiting to be taken. And I did. I took the opportunity.

I see that logo all around. On water towers, on the border between Kentucky and Indiana… it serves as a great reminder of why I’m here. To be honest, it’s been stressful. Since I’ve arrived (back in March) a lot has taken place and it’s been quite an experience juggling all of the craziness. I often lose perspective on why I’m doing what I am. Why I moved all this way. Why I uprooted myself from friends and family. Why I quit a job that I thoroughly enjoyed, a job which more than supported my son and I. All the 'Whys' start to cloud my vision making me lose sight of the big picture. A lot of times I get down about things, I’ll even question going back…but then I see one of those 'Unbridled Spirit' signs and think back to the moment I drove into Kentucky and said to myself “This is it. This is my chance to make a life for my son and I. Never give up.”. Hope is renewed, vision is cleared, ambition is strengthened.

The path to acquiring all my dreams and goals has surly been bumpy, but at least I’m on the journey. At least I’m not sitting on the side line of my life watching it pass before me. I’ve got a new job that supports me. I’ve got new friends. I’ve got PJ. I’ve got a boyfriend and his family who love and care. Stepping back and looking from a bigger perspective I can honestly say I am so blessed.

No matter how hectic, chaotic, and sometimes miserable this journey has been… I’m so glad to have had the courage to step out of the boat, so-to-speak, and be pursuing this new life.

We only live once and I want to take full advantage of every second I have to enjoy it.


P.S. Update: I'm all moved and settled into my new apartment! PJ started new day care this past Tuesday (June 2nd) and is doing great! Everything is on the up and up at the moment :)