Love at first sight

Finding a place to live being 4,000 miles away from the area is a bit tricky. While in Dominica I apartment shopped for weeks until I finally found a place that was perfect for PJ and I. I put an application in, paid a deposit to reserve the apartment--the whole nine yards.

When I finally got to Louisville and was able to scope the place out, it was a lot further from work than I had expected (although still in a very nice area). Long story short, I ended up stopping by one apartment complex 5 minutes away from work and fell in-love with the place. That day I canceled the plans for the other apartment and signed the lease on the new one.

PJ and I are now fully moved into our own two-bedroom, one bath apartment on the first floor of a great apartment community (which is actually nestled inside of an actual neighborhood). This is a huge upgrade from our previous studio apartment downtown.

I didn't get pictures of the whole place, but here is a glimpse of our new home:
My absolute favorite part of the apartment: the living room. Complete with a wood burning fireplace and mantle!

The dining area (taken from in front of the fireplace) and the entrance to our large enclosed back patio.

The kitchen, complete with a dishwasher (eeeek!!!! :D ) and TONS of cabinet space.

The hall (picture taken from the living room) which has the washer and dryer hook ups, coat closet, and leads to both bedrooms (PJ's is straight ahead, mine is to the right and not visible here) and bathroom.

The best part, though? We live within walking distance to a fabulous outlet mall. Great food, great shopping, great area! Plus, the complex amenities are fabulous! Gym, indoor pool, indoor jacuzzi, outdoor pool, club house to hang out in... it really doesn't get better than this!

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our new place. More than that though, I hope that a lot of you friends and family are able to make it out to Louisville to come visit!

P.S. Random shout out to my friend Robert--my fellow half Asian. I know it's not in very good taste to do inside jokes on a public blog, but I just couldn't help myself. He also wants all my blog readers to know that "he says Hi".


Text Bombing

I'm pretty sure Ive emphasized this point a billion times before, but I'll say it again for good measure-- being a spouse/companion on the island is an entirely different experience than being a student*.

With that said, I want to introduce the world to Text Bombing. My friends and I liked to get together a lot. And when I say a lot, it's probably an understatement. Toward the last few weeks it got a little ridiculous because we all knew that soon we'd all be in different parts of the world. But, I digress...

One night of not-so-abnormal debauchery the Text Bomb was born. If you're a few drinks in, have a group of friends in company, and want to have a good laugh, do the following:

1: Everybody whip out your cell phones. Don't fool yourself, you're probably on it already anyway.
2: Look around and see which friend decided to ditch out on the festivities that night.
3: Pick a ridiculous phrase (for example: Taste the Rainbow) and everybody text it to said friend at the same time. Text Bombing is better when more (at least 4?) people participate.
4: Wait for the replies. A good sport will text back each person with funny responses.

I passed out around 10PM at my own farewell party and was text bombed "Wake up little susie, wake up" by about 10 people (and another that is too inappropriate to share). But, needless to say, I got a few giggles out of it.

Now, go forth and Text Bomb**.

*Yes, we have a LOT of time on our hands to do stupid things like this.
** Whoever came up with the name Text Bomb must be really, really clever.


One chapter ends, another begins

Tomorrow will be day number 7 that I've been back in the good ole' USA. Coming from an island with one road, gorgeous weather, and simplicity of life... I've been in a bit of culture shock. I know I've been officially reintegrated into Western civilization since:
  • I got my hair cut and styled. At a real salon. With real salon chairs and equipment.
  • I paid $60 bucks at the movies for tickets and over priced popcorn/drinks.
  • I went to a nail salon and they had more than one salon chair and clean tools.
  • I've been able to drink real whole vitamin D milk every single day. HEAVEN!
  • I've stuffed my face at a different restaurant every day and am still so happy about FREE refills on soft drinks. It's kind of a big deal- trust me.
  • My Droid has been ringing off the hook with calls and texts from friends. And, my nose has been in that and my laptop non-stop.
I miss the heck out of Dominica and my friends. But those friends have become my family and I know I'll see them again. Until then, I'm going to continue indulging. Cheers, friends.

P.S. I still have a lot of stories from Dominica to share and some updates about the future to come!