Live from Dominica (Part 1)

So, I'm sure some of you are wondering how Dave is doing on the rock of an island that is Dominica. What better way to get an update than go to the source itself... well, more like himself...

What is a typical day like for you, Dave?
"My day generally starts around 7-8AM depending on what I have to do.  I hoof out the 10 minute walk to RUH (Ross University Housing) and grab the shuttle to the Annex (a huge classroom for first semesters students) for class.  I cant stress how key this is, because if I miss the shuttle I have about a mile and a half walk to the Annex... most likely in flip-flops.  I am not saying it hasn't happened;  I am just saying you're a jerk for making me thing about it.  I snag a quick breakfast from the cargo truck gone order-out restaurant that caters to students pouring into the Annex.  With coffee and said breakfast item I settle in for a morning of lecture.  Now let me clarify something about medshool.  The material they throw at you isn't really beyond anyone... but the speed this shit storm comes at you makes you checking to see if you are still wearing clothes.  My brain gasps for air and I realize its 12 pm and time to grab some lunch.  What I do from here really depends on the day: whether I am 'done', or I have another lecture, or I have to go to lab... whatever.  But it all ends the same way... Me and my computer huddled up in 'the barn' (a popular study hall) reviewing my notes and going over the finer points of a lecture until anywhere between 8-10pm.  After I realize my brain has reached its transport maximum (lame joke, deal with it), and I want to squeeze in a little face time with the love of my life, its about time to wrap it up.  I pack up my stuff and head home, talk with Nikki for an hour or more if I am lucky... then either play a little video games or just watch bootlegged TV to try and stave off the aneurysm for one more day.  I finally slip into a restless sleep where I am eaten repeatedly by the next exam looming in my future.  No really, a huge test the size of a UPS van eats me... I even have to sign it and bubble in my name correctly.  I tried using a pen once... it incinerated me..."

Approaching your 8th week in Med School, what do you feel you've accomplished so far?
"Well I haven't failed out yet, so that's good... I have even managed to get what some people might consider a respectable score on my MINI.  I don't know any of these people... but I am sure there ARE people.  When really looking over my accomplishments I think its more important to point out what I HAVEN'T done over what I have.  I have not gotten arrested, deported, attacked by stray dogs, contracted dengue, been injected with neurotoxins from urchins, fought in a no holds cage match with Dr. Yin, or blown up the island.  I am sure you all roll your eyes... but there actually was a chance of this."

Side note: Regardless of Dave's humor (that we all know and love SO MUCH *eyeroll* haha), I'm extremely proud of how hard Dave has been working. He totally rocked his MINI! Also, I really think they should rename the "MINI" exams. Who the heck would name a  HUGE tests that students (usually) put in HOURS extra every day studying for a "MINI". Oh, and if you don't know, MINI exams are a review all of the information given the entire month. Kill.Me.Now. God bless your heart, Dave. You have a bigger brain than I do. Although, I (and everyone) knew that already...moving on...

What do you like about the island?
"Honestly, how much someone can enjoy this island is directly proportional to how big of a wimp you are.  If you would just DIE without being able to shop, or had to go without having Walmart and its fat people scooters for all your needs... then this place will kill you.  But if you can accept, its like a cross between medschool and a shitty summer camp... well, its still a tropical island.

The weather here is a flat 80 degrees constantly and there is so much wildlife here you wonder if we actually even have any in the US.  The Caribbean Sea is very clear and the water is amazing.  We sit on the western side of the island and are privy to spectacular sunsets every day.  However, I think what I like most is just the essence of the experience of living here you just can't put a name on.  Its the part that makes me respect the luxuries we have back home and what that really means. Understanding the gifts I was born into and that there are people in the world that live very different lives.  Its not anything I didn't know, but being surrounded by it everyday is humbling and worth a moment of thought."

So, there you have it. A live update from Dominica and my favorite person in the world that is living there.Thank you for taking the time to do this for me (and our friends and family), Dave!  You are such a great sport. I know that picking your brain after you got home from studying (at 10:30PM) isn't exactly the most ideal way to spend a Friday night!

I miss Dave to pieces and can't wait to see him, but I am SO proud of how hard he is working. It inspires me and pushes me to be that much better everyday. Oh, and after talking to Dave regularly about life in Dominica, I've been really trying to appreciate the little things in life here in America too. Like having clean tap water, even after a hard rain. Or that we have paved roads. Or that when we go to the grocery store we can buy all the things we want (if we have the finances), and not just buy what we think we can manage to carry home over a mile in the burning heat.  Or that the air doesn't almost always smell of burning garbage and poop.  That when we buy spinach at the grocery store we don't have to wash worms out of it (and look for bugs in other produce)....

I (and WE, as Americans) are truly a blessed people.

Oh, and side note to friends and family, there will be more to come soon. I could only squeeze so much out of Dave after he had such a long day but hope you enjoyed this! I sure did :)


Fight Club

Hmm... what to say about Fight Club? As I sit here at a loss for words, I guess I'll just leave it at.... "I watched it"! Oh, and I'll never look at soap the same way ever again. :D

9 down...81 to go....

The List
12 Monkeys
A League Of Their Own
American History X
Animal House
Best in Show
Better Off Dead
Big Trouble in Little China
Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure
Blade Runner
Blazing Saddles
Boondock Saints
Bull Durham
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Casino Royale
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Daze and Confused
Evil Dead II
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Field of Dreams*
Fight Club
Lethal Weapon I
Life as a House
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
My Blue Heaven
Naked Gun
National Lampoon's Vacation
Office Space
Pale Rider
Planes Trains, and Automobiles
Policy Acadamy
Pulp Fiction
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Rambo: First Blood
Raw Deal
Red Dawn
Reservoir Dogs
Robo Cop
Run Lola Run
Say Anything
Sixteen Candles
Stand By Me
Star Wars: A New Hope
Star Wars:Return of the Jedi
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Terminator: Salvation
The 6th Day
The Big Lebowski
The Breakfast Club
The Godfather
The Golden Child
The Good the Bad and the Ugly
The Goonies
The Jerk
The Karate Kid
The Natural
The Professional
The Shining
The Three Amigos
The Usual Suspects
The Warriors
Top Gun
True Lies
True romance
Young Frankenstein


Stuck between UPS and a hard place

I came home and saw the UPS sticker on my door. Great, I missed the delivery. I’m a single mom and work full time- that means no, UPS, I will not be home during the day to sign for my packages! Of course UPS wouldn’t know that though. Even if they did they wouldn’t care, but I understand, you can't make exceptions for everyone. Perhaps one glorious day in the future I’ll be a stay at home mom (eek, more kids!?) and able to accommodate UPS’s strict schedule of week day, day time deliveries. For now though, UPS is out of luck. Or wait, I think I’m the one out of luck, I still don’t’ have my packages! Rats.
I called the 800 number from the back of my UPS stickey note to inform them of my need to come to the UPS office and pick up the packages --leaving out the whole 'I'm-a-single-mother-working-full-time-so-I-can't-be-home-during-the-day-to-sign-for-the-darn-packages' lecture. “Absolutely, we’ll hold the packages for you, just swing by Monday and they’ll be at the downtown office” the nice UPS lady from the 800 number said. Awesome!
I don’t know how it happened, but I swear there weren’t 24 hours in the day because Monday flew by and was way too short! I said all that to shamefully admit that I wasn’t able to get the UPS office before they closed. Again, rats.
Here I am on Tuesday morning dialing that 800 number again, crossing my fingers I get to talk to the nice lady I spoke to the other day (please oh please let my packages still be there!). A teenage sounding male answers “Sorry ma’me (boy does that make me feel old!) your packages were returned to the sender, you’ll have to contact the company to re ship”. Whhhhaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!! No!!! Darn you, UPS, you win again.
See, my mom bought my son a few things for the winter and I need those clothes! I guess it’s time to call Khols and see how much they are going to rob me to have the packages re shipped. And perhaps next week I’ll just sign the back of the little UPS sticker allowing them to leave my beloved packages in front of my apartment door next to a note addressing my fellow apartment residents:
“Dear fellow Residents,
Please do not steal these packages. I know you may be tempted and I understand that. It's why you’re standing in front of my door, right? Well, they are for my little boy and he needs them so BACK OFF or I swear I will hunt you down. That, however, will take much more time and effort than me being home to simply sign for the packages that you are now tempted to steal from me, so pretty please with sugar on top for the love of God leave my packages alone! Thank you.

Resident of 305”

That would work, right? I think so!


e A little update

Today marks the third week at my new job. Great boss, great co-workers, great work... I couldn't be happier! I couldn't be busier either though.

I wasn't able to give my part time job much notice when I switched to my new job so I (stupidly) offered to work in the evenings and do what I can to help out until my boss finds a replacement for me. It's the third week and he still haven't found someone, scratch that, hasn't hired anybody yet. To have found someone would imply that my boss is actually looking, something that I am seriously questioning at this point. I was tempted to google search what the unemployment percent is here in Louisville, but I dont have to do that to know THERE ARE TONS OF PEOPLE LOOKING FOR JOBS. How there is still no replacement is beyond me.

So, I'm out the door by 8:15AM. PJ gets dropped off at day care and I am at work by 9AM. I get off work at 5PM, grab PJ from daycare, and quickly get to my part time job. I'll do everything I can in about one or two hours (juggling work and PJ), staying until 7:30PM at the latest. I then getting home around 8:00PM, rush to get dinner made, feed PJ - oh and myself too, get PJ a bath, scoot him off to bed, and of course there is always cleaning and laundry to be done.. PHEW! Really, I think I could have saved some time writing all that out and instead used one word: exausting. Regardless, PJ and I are both adjusting well and things have been going smoothly!

I've had little 'me' time, but the days have been flying by and I can't believe it's almost middle of October already. The weather is telling me differently, though. 90 degrees is NOT fall weather. Thanks, global warming, thanks a lot.

Oh, Oh! Great news about school! November 10th I have orientation (for the Spring semester)! I'm going to be working my full time job and then attending class afterward so I have a feeling the already busy schedule is going to become even busier (that is seriously possible!? sigh). Not that i'll work my part time job when I'm in school - if I did I might as well buy my tombstone and coffin now. Oh and maybe a life insurance policy so that PJ is set when I die. Wait, this is just wrong. Moving on...

On the video game front... not much going on what so ever. I reached level cap (level 80) in WoW, though! That's a pretty big accomplishment (if you ask me). Ironically, after I hit 80 I've had no desire to play. And without Halo Reach, playing any xbox game seems pointless (since I'm a social gamer and 99% of the friends on my friends list are glued to Reach).

On October 2nd I was able to make it to Chicago for the infamous annual Oktoberfest Pary. That was a blast, as usual. But I have to admit it was a little sad being there without Dave. Also, this past weekend I babysat three kids (so I had four including PJ) and we went to the Louisville Science Center. That is a stinking neat place. PJ being whiney, grumpy, and impossible to deal with while being there with three other kids, however, was not so neat. None the less, it was a good time and I'm glad we went.

How about those Redskins though!!! Winning season for once! *knock on wood* Going to a local bar on Sunday evening to hang out with all my Colts friends next Sunday night. Dun dun dun!!!!!! I'd love to see the Redskins come in the game as the underdog and beat them.

Well, I think I've rambled and bounced around topics enough for one day. More to come in the future.