Life is good

I am absolutely in-love with my life right now. Why?

My day today consisted of....

8:15AM: Cupcakes and juice with friends.
9:15: Modern Warfare 3
12:00: Lunch with PJ
1:00: Beers and card games
4:00: Saving puppies
5:00: Pick up PJ from school
7:00: Dinner out
10:18: Blogging then going to bed

I seriously don't know how (on a Tuesday) life could get any better than this.
I'm really, really going to miss this place.


Thanksgiving, island style

Thanksgiving is always so much fun. I mean, it really doesn't get much better than an entire day devoted to food and family!!

Being on the island put a twist in Thanksgiving this year though. Here in Dominica you can't just hop in your car, go to a grocery store, load up, and go home and cook. It takes weeks of preparation and hour long drives to Roseau to look for ingredients. But I think that this year was so unique for me because I, yes, me... the cooking novice, was put in charge of the Turkey.

For days I stressed about the turkey and looked YouTube for any and all "how-to" videos. Thankfully my amazing friend Brianna offered to help me cook it (and by offer, I mean she basically did it all). Due to Medical school we had to push back our Turkey dinner to Saturday, so Brianna came over Friday to help me prep.

I squirmed as Brianna pulled out the guts, and fat. I felt faint-ish (yes, I'm a wimp) when she forced me to pull out the neck. But, at the end of it all, I learned how to prep and cook a turkey.

Obviously uncomfortable with my hand shoving butter in the turkey skin.

It ended up turning out great and all of our island family had an amazing Thanksgiving day feast. I'm going to miss these people when I leave. Only 17 days left...


"Dominica Directions"

In America when you go to a friends house that you've never been to before, one of two things happen:

1) You get detailed directions from a friend (including street addresses and/or landmarks).


2) You use a GPS (which is what I would do).

In Dominica, though, there aren't really street names and GPS isn't even in the vocabulary here. My favorite thing is what I like to call "Dominica Directions". This is a perfect example; A friend of mine is having a get together this weekend and sent out an email to all the guests. It read "Everyone, we are having the event at < took out the real host's name for privacy sake >'s casa. It's on Moo Cow Trail... the yellow house... and not too far from my house :)"

The only "real" street names used are Moo Cow Trail, Lizard Trail, and Bannana trail. The only major landmarks are KFC, the pool, or campus.

I rest my case.


Cooking Adventures with Chris

My friend Chris is an amazing cook. So good that I'll literally be sad when the food runs out after he cooks a meal or brings a dish to a party. I also beg him regularly to open a restaurant. And nag him to at least start a cooking show. And finally, he gave in and decided to create his hosted cooking adventures in his kitchen (as well as other various places around Dominica.)

But why would you care about Chris and how great his 7 layered mexican dip was? Because I was in the audience at Chris' premiere cooking episode. If you're reading this and you know me to any extent, you'll want to watch this video. Why? I swear to you, you'll be able to make fun of me for this for a long, long time. Here we go!

Before you start watching, let me just urge you to trust me. Don't stop watching. Trust.

Watch this trailer video (only a minute long) before you watch the actual "episode"

Trailer - Cooking Adventures with Chris
Episode 1 - Cooking adventures with Chris

P.S. Next episode I'm going to sit in a dark corner in the audience!


Weekend Get Away

This weekend Dave and I had the ultimate adventure.

First we snorkeled at Scotts Head. This is where the Carribean Sea (left) meets the Atlantic (right).

Then we went to Champagne Bay. We snorkeled there also and it was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. We swam with schools of fish, saw spotted eels, tons of coral, and enjoyed playing in the fun bubbles from sulfer springs.

When we were finally tired of snorkeling we arrived at the Fort Young resort. We had an amazing suite that included a wrap around balcony, huge bathtub, king size bed, blasted AC and 42" flat screen tv. Those who live here know that these luxuries are heaven!

We relaxed and enjoyed the sunset from the couch on our balcony.

Later we went to the restaurant and were served a delicious three course meal. This is the view from our table. The sound of the waves and the beauty of the dock lit up at night was breath taking.

We even saw a cruise ship in the morning and got to do some shopping in the city.

I'm so thankful for Dave who set this all up as a surprise for me. I have memories from this trip that I will cherish forever.