Hit the road, Jack!

(This is a picture of my friend--Chris'--truck before we unloaded everything on Sat afternoon.)

Well, my name isn't Jack (you get the point) ... but I sure did hit the road this weekend...

Off to a little bit of a late start, we (my friends and I) packed up my car, packed up a pick up truck, and rolled out of Leesburg VA at 10:00PM on Friday 26th (my last day as a Virginia resident /sad face).

It was such a beautiful night to be driving. The sky was a dark blue-grey and there were cotton ball clouds in patches all over. The moon was almost full and the stars seemed super bright! I LOVED IT. Especially driving through the mountains, it was SPECTACULAR. While on the peaks you could look down (uh, WHILE paying CLOSE attention to the roads of course....duh!) over the valley and see the town below, the houses looked like little toys! And while in the valley you could look up and see the silhouettes of the mountains peaks against the sky, it was breath taking. I could get used to driving for hours on end with this kind of view!

And then, West Virginia happened.

All of a sudden (LITERALLY) we realized it was snowing pretty hard (with about four hours of driving already under our belt). Not even thirty minutes after we hit the snow conditions (right after we crossed into West Virginia) did we realize that we were driving right into a BLIZZARD. That's right folks, a blizzard. We were crawling at a painful 30-40 MPH on the highway, visibility (due to the blasting winds and heavy snow fall) was minimal, and the highway was covered with inches of snow (you couldn't see the pavement). We drove in this all through beloved West Virginia from about 2AM to 5AM. Finally, we decided to pull off the roads and take a nap in hopes that the weather would lighten up. We rested for about an hour and hit the road again around 6AM. Unfortunately it was still snowing bad and the roads were in the same (horrid) condition, but on the bright side we weren't far from being out of West Virginia.

Finally around 7:30AM we hit better weather (rain) and clear (well, clearer) roads. We drove in the rain from about 7:30AM to 9:00AM. And then arrived in Louisville at about 11:00AM. A 9-10 hour car ride turned into a 13 hour drive. Mother Nature, why did you have to pick that night? Didn't you know I was moving? Sheesh. BUT we did arrive safe and sound, horray!

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Chris and Lyndsay for making the drive with me and helping me move. I have no idea what I would have done with out you and I'm SO LUCKY to have you both in my life. I am missing you tons already and can't wait to visit!!! So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, times a million. You don't know how much it meant to me!

Oh, and thanks Lynds for kicking my butt and making me organize all my stuff (even though I didn't want to). I feel like I have a LOT less stress about unpacking and settling in because of that. You're the best mom-friend I've ever had. LOL! :) *HUGS*

While I'm in the 'thank you' section of my post, if you ever read this Mrs Beneigh, the casserole was AMAZING! Thank you SO MUCH for making it for us. It was so thoughtful and sweet of you. We all absolutely loved it. To all the readers-- Mrs Beneigh (my boyfriend Dave's mom) made a casserole, garlic bread, and salad, for all of us (my friends and I) after our arrival so that we wouldn't have to worry about cooking, etc. =) I told you, Louisville has the most amazing people!

Moving on....

Lessons Learned for Long (Long, Long, LONG ) Road Trips:

  • Sunflower seeds and Gum are amazing at keeping you awake.
  • My GPS is my best friend in the world.
  • I want to give a huge hug to the person who invented Cruise Control. 
  • Goofing around with your friends in the other car via walkie talkie is entertaining, hilarious, and must for road tripping with multiple vehicles. My call sign: Bobby Sue. (By the way Chris, I'll mail that back to ya, it's still in my car....) 
  • I really dislike driving in snow. Oh WAIT, I already knew that. But thanks again, Mother Nature, for that surprise blizzard!
  • Gas stations in West Virginia ALL close down if it snows (Chris almost ran out of gas in his truck because we couldn't find an open gas station. FINALLY we found a Shell that was open- thank goodness!!)
  • Check the weather before leaving.
....well, I think that's all folks!

Again, I'm now in Louisville and LOVING it. PJ and I absolutely adore Jeanette and the kids (Camille and Ian) who we now live with. Over the next few weeks we'll both be very busy settling in but you bet I'll be blogging to keep y'all updated along the way.



Procrastinate much?

Got title changed on the car… Check

Prescriptions filled… Check

Picked up PJ’s medical records… Check

Got some boxes… Check

Packing… oh noes!

Moving is a bear! Well, when you’re a procrastinator anyway. In the words of my supportive friend (SARCASM) Jango,
“Prediction. Instead of packing you will blog about how you really need to start packing.”
I think the worse thing is that after reading that I thought to myself “I like that idea!”. LOL!

Really though, I must start packing. Two days before the move (even though I don’t have much to pack) is far too late to have waited. I just felt like there were a million other, more important, immediate things that needed to be done. Like playing WoW getting the title changed on my car, squeezing in last minute doctors appointments, getting together with friends and family to say goodbye. I’ve tried to think of things to make that list longer (and more impressive) so I have an excuse about pushing off packing, but that is all I can seem to come up with. And looking at it written out like that makes me want to crawl under a rock and hide. I haven't accomplished much at all! Am I really that bad of a procrastinator? Apparently so. Ouch!

I'm a member at, and have been posting pretty regularly about my move. Today, specifically, I was proud of the fact I had picked up boxes. Another dear friend (SARCASM) Magnum wrote in response
"Have you blogged about that yet?"
Double ouch! Am I really that blog-happy?

Well, Jango, Magnum, and others that like to criticize my new found love for blogging, I am not capable of packing at the moment so therefore, yes, I will blog away to my hearts content.

Now, where was I? Oh, procrastination! It's always been a less than great trait of mine (rushing to get my homework done right before class, or chugging coffee to spend the night finishing a project for a deadline at work) but I've ALWAYS gotten the task completed! And not only completed, but completed well! I just work better under pressure I guess?

So not only will I have everything packed and ready to go by Thursday evening but it will all be downstairs near the door, organized and waiting to be loaded! Impressed? I know you are :-)

In other news, I'm going to be meeting with my American Sign Language teacher from High School tonight. I haven't talked with her in about three years and I'm excited to tell her that I'm finally actively going after my dream to become an interpreter (and am going to show her that newspaper article I told y'all about). She is, after all, the one who taught me everything I know and plays a HUGE role in my love for American Sign Language. I'm just sorry that we lost touch for so long (I had a lot going on in life) but it'll be good to say goodbye and to thank her for all she instilled in me!

With my blogging done for the day, I think I'm ready to get packed, say my last goodbyes, and hit the road Friday!

Wish me luck!


Me, rambling? Never.

I think I've started typing out, then deleting, about five intro sentences at this point. So I'm going to stop trying... <**insert funny/clever/witty intro here**>

Not sure why I'm blogging at the moment as I have nothing of significance to share. But meh, its my blog anyway, right? That's right! And I do what I want! Including writing about nothing.

So now that THAT is out of the way....

I'm feeling pretty spectacular tonight! Why? See below.

1) My HFL team didn't lose all three games. Yippee! (went 1W-1T-1L)

2) My wonderful, thoughtful boyfriend called me this evening and played the piano for me. Its so relaxing and has become one of my absolute favorite things! (If you're reading this're the best, I loved it!!)

3) I got a lot of things checked off my To-Do list for the move today.

4) Did I mention my boyfriend called and played the piano for me? ;-)

So take that, stress! You have been conquered. For now anyway *knock on wood*.

I've always been a firm believer that its the little things in life that are the most enjoyable! I mean, would I love to be on a cruise ship sipping on a Mimosa, enjoying warm weather, and getting a tan rather than being at my home in icky, wintery VA? OF COURSE! But would I be any more happy or satisfied with life than I am right now? I can confidently say no, I wouldn't.

A long time ago I learned to never let situations or circumstances dictate my happiness. They can play a part, yes (and it would be naive to say otherwise), but they cannot, and i will not let them, dictate my happiness (or lack of ). I know that no matter what there is always a choice I can actively make. Even in the most miserable of times (been there, done that). I am the one responsible for my happiness. I am the one responsible for my satisfaction in life. BUT, by all means, after you are done reading this go buy me a cruise vacation (you know you want to), don't let me hold you back!

What is the point in all this? I have NO idea. I am just rambling now. Infact I am pretty sure I've been rambling the entire time. Meh. We've already been over this. My blog, my posts. :-P

Good night world!


Anxiety vs Sleep

Dear Readers, Friends, and Family,

I am currently laying awake in bed at 9:54PM. Not able to sleep, yet trying desperately. With nothing but the hum of the heater (in this all together too cold room) and my thoughts to keep me company, becoming a worry wart about the move (7 days away in just two hours!) is what my night has amounted to.

I'm enduring an intense interrogation hosted by my mind! 'Did I remember to do that?', 'What do I still need to do?', 'Have I gotten in touch with that person so I can say goodbye?'

How ones mind can easily be your best friend one minute and then transform into your worst enemy the next is less than fun. But what can a person do to attack back in order to take refuge in peaceful sleep? Use a tranquilizer gun? Hmm, fresh out of those. Listen to Bob Ross videos on Though my chances of falling asleep listening to those videos is very high, so are the chances Bob Ross could end up in my dreams. No one would want that *shudder*. So should i count down from 1000? Um, when did that actually work for anyone, honestly ?

If you have any bright ideas to help me get through the next six nights, please post a comment!

Currently defenseless, I suppose I will continue to lay here and fight the losing battle against my flooding thoughts.

Short blog post, eh? Well YOU try typing an entry out on your Motorola Droid cell phone. :-P

Until next time,


Ramblings on Religion

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts on religion, the bible, faith, etc. Please don't read if you are not interested in seeing my point of view. Thanks!


Confused. Empty. Unfulfilled. Unsure.

Those are all the words that come to mind when I was thinking about Religion today. I used to be so certain, so secure in my relationship with God.

Now, not so much. I had quite a negative personal experience that I don't want to go into detail about. It has really put a terrible impression on me about religion, church, and my over all relationship with God. So what now? I am left here wondering about my faith. The worst part? I’m not sure how to get back on track. I’m scared to go visit other churches. I’ve shyed away from God and am scared to be intimate again.

In result, religion has been nothing more than a thorn in my side causing hurt and confusion at the thought of it. I know I need to do something about this open wound in my life but I feel completely stuck in the wilderness without a path to bring me back to the Promised Land (so-to-speak). But the truth is, I do have a path. Not only that, but I have a lamp unto my feet (Psalm 119:105)! And that light and path is the spectacular Word of God, filled to the brim with great and precious promises! Oh how our Lord loves each and every person in this world, even me. Me-a person who has turned my back on Him for the last couple months. Me-a habitual sinner. Me-an less than perfect person (and yes, I know He doesn't require me to be perfect, but it's about perfect pursuit, which-for me-has been entirely less than perfect). Not only does he love me but He has the very hairs of my head numbered (Matthew 10:30), He has each tear in a bottle (Psalm 56:8), He cherishes me. How could someone have such unconditional love for a person who has acted so hateful toward them? Well, someone can't, God can.

I’m excited that I’m finally coming back around to my faith, it’s been entirely too long.

So, here’s to nothing! Time to open the Good Book once again and see what He has to show me….

Earning Achievments in Life: A new beginning

Dear Readers, Friends, and Family,

I am not one for blogging but I decided, if for nothing more than to keep my sanity, to start up a mini blog series about my move. It will cover topics ranging from the actual move, to settling in, to what life is like in Louisville, to my accomplishments achieved while walking down this path, to the obstacles I face as a young mother and moving so far away from 'home'. But 'home' is where your heart is, right? So here it goes....

Most of you know, but for those of you who don't, I am moving to Louisville, Kentucky in 10 days! Yup, just TEN days! I have so much to do and so little time. I know I’m going to have to work my tail off and it won’t be easy, but what in life IS easy when it’s WORTH something? Well, in my less-than-expert opinion, nothing is!

Over the months I have been faced with multiple questions about my decision to move. Why am I so attracted to a place in Kentucky? I mean, Kentucky is just all farms and rednecks, right? Who is in Louisville, do you know anyone there? Why are you moving?

All are quite good questions folks, and now you will have your answers:

Q: Why am I so attracted to a place in Kentucky?
A: The first time I ever visited Louisville I just fell in love with it! From the quaint restaurants and independent shops nuzzled all around, to the unity of the city under the umbrella of College sports (Go Cards!), to the beautiful River that runs through, to the night life excitement at Fourth Street Live, I just felt at home. I can’t really explain the feeling, I don’t fully understand it myself, but I know that is where I want to dig my roots, start my career, and raise my son.

Q: Kentucky is just all farms and rednecks, right?
A: To be honest, outside of Louisville, that statement may be correct! But to anybody and everybody who has ever been to Louisville, you know that statement is far from the truth for this city. And it is a city. It’s full of character and life, liberal arts and theaters, university and colleges, bars and night life, it’s got it all! And the best part? The people. The people, in my opinion, make Louisville what it is. Are there going to be few bad eggs in the basket, of course! Where are there not? But I can say without a doubt that it’s the most friendly place I’ve ever been, and I LOVE that.

Q: Who is in Louisville, do you know anyone there?

A: My boyfriend, Dave, lives in Louisville. But wait- tell that little voice inside your mind saying “Oooooh, you’re moving there to be with your boyfriend, it all makes sense now” to hush up for a moment, read on! I am NOT moving to Louisville for Dave. While he is a huge blessing in my life and I think the world of him….if I had chosen to uproot myself AND my son from life here in Virginia just for him, I think I would tie myself down to a bolted chair until I changed my mind. Is Dave living in Louisville a perk? OF COURSE, I love the guy for crying out loud. But let me remind you again, it is not (or even close) my reason for moving. Keep in mind, Dave will be shipping off (and out of state) for med school once he gets accepted. Knowing this, why in the world would I move there only to be with him? Ding Ding Ding, you are correct, I wouldn’t. This is MY move, MY adventure, MY start of a new life, MY choice. Please don’t take any of that away from me by putting me in my boyfriends shadow then pointing a finger and saying “that is why”, because I can assure you (for all of the previously stated reasons) that it’s not.

Other than Dave, I know my lovely new landlord/roommate Jeanette and her two children. Dave's parents and sister. And I am certainly excited and looking forward to making tons of new friends along the way-after all, that's one of the best parts about moving to a new place, right?!

Q: So then why are you moving?

A: It’s time for me to move on. This change, for me, initiates a new chapter of my life. Spending my high school and post-high school years here in Virginia, I have come to terms that I want out. I want a change. I want something different, and this is the perfect time for me to go after that dream. The city of Louisville holds a key for me, the University of Louisville, which has wonderful American Sign Language programs/classes. I want to start school, get my degree, and get certified in interpreting/translation ASAP. Wait a second, aren’t I the sole provider for a rambunctious 2 ½ year old? How will I do this? Determination. Ambition. Motivation for a better life for myself and for my child.

While in Louisville during a week stay in late December of 2009, an article came out in the local newspaper. The article stated that Louisville is in great need of interpreters/translators specifically for American Sign Language!! How beautifully ironic!! Reading that article re-fueled my drive to do this, made my desire burn brighter to take hold of this career that I’ve wanted for so long. It’s time for me to start working toward that goal. A goal that I’ve had since a freshmen in high school but due to life’s obstacles have not yet been able to take steps toward. But it’s time now. Time for me to fulfill that part of my life. Time for me to achieve!

So, with questions answered, with reassurance to family and friends, with a positive heart and mind, I am ready for my new life in Louisville! Again, just TEN days! I’m sure I’ll be kept busy packing, organizing, packing, saying goodbye to friends and family, did I mention packing?, and mentally preparing myself for this new path in life.

Stay tuned.