Vicious I tell you!

Per my last blog post, you know I'm the owner of two little pups. Part of our new routine is going out around 7AM to let them do their business, then play around for a bit. They're very well behaved and already trained to where when I whistle, they come.

Today my neighbor had a few words for me about how I allow my pups to be in the lawn unleashed. They could attack his wife! They could bite him or an innocent passerby! They could get vicious in a split second!

And you know what? He's so right. I'm going to leash them every time I take them out for the well being of the residents here. I wouldn't want anybody to get injured by these ferocious beasts.


If three is a crowd, what is four??

I can hardly believe that PJ is turning five next weekend (August 18th) and then starting Kindergarten (August 21st). He's a little sponge soaking up all the information and experiences around him. It's astonishing how fast time flies and how quickly he grows.

I  remember talking to PJ on his birthday last year and asking him what he wanted. He specifically said "I want to be 5 years old, mama. And I want a doggie!". It looks like this year both of his wishes came true. 

Please meet Roxy (left) and Angel (right)  the newest additions to our family.

It all started weeks ago when I dropped by the Humane Society to get some puppy-therapy*. The HS is right around the corner from my apartment, so it's not unusual for me to drop by and play with pups (you know you do this sometimes, too!!!). While I was there playing with the two black puppy labs, Banjo and Jack, I started seriously considering adopting one. Then rational thoughts kicked in and I talked myself out of it. I couldn't just buy a puppy on the whim. I need to think it over. Then think it over again. Then ONE more time just to make sure I want to deal with a puppy. 

While re-writing my pros and cons list for the fourth time, I was scrolling through the "Pet" category on Louisville Craigslist. That is where I saw them. The title of the ad was "Beautiful puppies need forever homes", and I think I beat some sort of record for fastest phone call dialed to see if either had been adopted yet. To my surprise and luck, they weren't! 

So the next morning I drove an hour outside of Louisville to go meet these incredibly gorgeous puppies and to pick out which one would come home with me. It turned out that they were in horrible, neglectful living conditions. The people who were re-homing the pups had kept them outside with their Mom as well as 4 other adult dogs. No kennels, no leashes, no invisible fence, nothing.  The puppies were sweet as could be and I fell in-love instantly. I paid the people and said I'd come back first thing the next day (Saturday) to pick up one of them, giving myself that evening to puppy-proof my house and buy all of the things I'd need.

Saturday couldn't come fast enough as I took PJ with me this time on the hour long drive to surprise him with an early birthday present--A PUPPY (note that I said A puppy, singular)!  As we pulled up to the people's house, the lady and her daughter were outside looking for the puppies under the porch (where they normally were found in the mornings). They weren't there. They then looked on the other side of the house, in the woods, down near a pond, in their neighbors barn, and before I knew it two and a half hours have gone by and we're still looking for these lost pups. We had hope that they're okay because the Mom dog and one other adult dog were missing too, so we figured they were all in a pack together out playing in the woods.

It started to rain and I decided to finally take PJ home as it came close to the 3rd hour. I was pretty devastated leaving without the pups and my imagination was running rampant with a thousand different things that could have happened to them. Maybe someone stole them. What if they drowned in the pond? What if a larger animal attacked them in the woods? Or worse, what if they were road kill. I tried to push everything out of mind and keep cheery and positive for PJ, who was sad that his surprise had gone missing also. Besides, it looked like an all out thunderstorm was approaching and that would surely flush them out of the woods and bring them back home.

Come Sunday morning, and after a huge thunder storm, the puppies and adult dogs were still not home. I had given up hope and decided to let go of the idea of even getting a dog--I guessed it just wasn't meant to be for now. 

Monday I was working like normal and around 10:00AM got a call from the woman telling me that the puppies showed up! She told me how the two adults had actually shown up late on Sunday evening and how they thought the pups wouldn't return home since the adults abandoned them. Then late morning on Monday the pups came out of the woods and trotted up home together. I was SO overjoyed and ecstatic after I hung up that phone. They survived, and I was still going to get my puppy!!!!

I went right after work (my third hour long trip, mind you) to get the puppies. This time the people put them in a kennel so there was no chance of them running off again. They were in horrible condition. Ticks, fleas, mud, and who knows what else. I couldn't choose just one, so I took them both. Once I got them home they immediately were given tick and flee baths while all kinds of souvenirs from the woods were washed out of their fur. In total there were around 25 ticks pulled off of both pups and we're still taming the flee issue. As of  now they've been to the vet to get shots, de-wormed, and examined for any injuries. Both are a-ok.

Although some people may think I'm insane for taking on this responsibility, I couldn't be happier to be the owner of the Solider Sisters. Plus, PJ is loving his new best friends. All around, these dogs have been a huge blessing in our lives and we are so happy to have them.

* A whole lot cheaper than hiring a shrink! Holding puppies just makes me happy!