Oh the Holidays!

I'm not going to lie, I've been the Grinch (and that is an understatement) during the holidays for about the last three or so years now... and tried to be again during this season! To my suprise, although it took me a little while to get in the holiday spirit, it's been a wonderful holiday season so far. The best part? It's not even over yet!

To kick everything off, Dave arrived home on December15th from Dominica; my first Christmas present :) Two days later we took a fun road trip to Pittsburgh to visit with his family. While in Pittsburgh we had the opportunity to go to a Steelers home game (my second Christmas present!) against the Jets at Heinz Field! We ate at a yummy bar/restaurnt in Station Square and did a little shopping before we took the ferry and headed to Heinz Field.

Delicious food!

Beautiful ring Dave bought me at a really neat authenitc Irish store in Station Square.

On the Ferry crossing the river over to Heinz Feild!
(Pittsburgh in the background)

We had great seats! Near the 50 yard line on the Steelers side...

When we got back from Pittsburgh everyone was in the Holiday mood. We went over to Mr and Mrs Beneighs house and made Christmas cookies!

As you can see, Dave and PJ enjoyed covering each other with flour...

All done!

And of course, then there was Christmas Eve/Christmas. I unfortunatly had to work on Christmas Eve, but once 5:00PM hit, Dave, PJ and I hurried to Mr and Mrs Beneighs for dinner and to get read for church. Around 7:00PM we all (Mr and Mrs Beneigh, Daves Grandpa, Nikki, Dave, Myself and PJ) headed to St Marys and the mass was absolutly beautiful. PJ really impressed me and did a great job sitting through the one and a half hours (he did do the occasional "AMEN" while everyone was totally silent and also a couple "yay"s after singing a christmas song - but people thought that was cute lol!). We walked out of church to a gorgeous white Christmas snow fall that had blanketed the ground and it couldn't have been more perfect!

 When we got home, everyone opened one Christmas present.
PJ got a kids digital camera.
Nikki got an adult digital Camera (lol)
Dave got the Keytar/Rockband 3.
I got slippers and a one hour full body massage.
Mrs Beneigh got...umm, I can't remember :(
Mr Beneigh got... ugh! Memory fails again...I'm terrible.

Around 9:30PM PJ grabbed his blanket and ASKED to go to bed (I was in shock), so the rest of the night Mr & Mrs Beneigh, Nikki, Dave and I played Apples to Apples while enjoying some delicious Yeungling beer.

PJ didn't wake up until around 8:30AM, so we opened presents around 9:00AM. It was such a blast watching PJ open all his presents from Santa Claus, friends, and family. Thank you to all who sent him gifts from Virginia, he LOVED them all! And a HUGE thank you to Mrs Beneigh for preparing the wonderful Christmas dinner that we all enjoyed together, what a special day!

"Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Harvey!"

"Thank you Erin & Peter!"

"Thank you Aunt Jackie and Uncle Joel!"

 A little bit of everything from those who sent him distant presents :)

Success! We spent the rest of Christmas day playing Kinect with PJ and the family.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas this year, we sure did :)

Nikki  & PJ
P.S. Mom, Dad, Dani, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents... PJ and I love and miss you very very much!!


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