Vicious I tell you!

Per my last blog post, you know I'm the owner of two little pups. Part of our new routine is going out around 7AM to let them do their business, then play around for a bit. They're very well behaved and already trained to where when I whistle, they come.

Today my neighbor had a few words for me about how I allow my pups to be in the lawn unleashed. They could attack his wife! They could bite him or an innocent passerby! They could get vicious in a split second!

And you know what? He's so right. I'm going to leash them every time I take them out for the well being of the residents here. I wouldn't want anybody to get injured by these ferocious beasts.


  1. Oh my heck, those little guys are SUPER cute!

  2. They look ferocious if you ask me ;) They might even give too many puppy kisses!