All I Expected and MORE!

My very first legal alcoholic beverage! Cheers!

There is a lot of hype turning 21. Wondering how smashed you're going to get, what bars are like on a busy Saturday night, interested at how much of your day you'll actually remember.

Well, my birthday was amazing! It was all I expected and more!

Saturday Dave, Ashley and myself started off the day at my favorite breakfast resteraunt, Toast, sipping momosas (YUM) and filling our tummies so that I had something to be able to puke up later  for the long day ahead of us.

When we were done we headed over to Church Hill Downs to see my very first Kentucky Derby. Now that was crazy. THOUSANDS of drunk people everywhere. Lots of people wearing silly hats. Lots of mudd (ever seen two girls mudd wrestle? I have!). Excitement over the race. Just a massive party that lasted all day.

After hours of being at the Derby, we went back to Daves to shower (by the time we left the Derby we were COVERED in mudd!) and get ready to hit the bars. Starting off at a place on Bardstown road called Dito's really set the tone for the evening. A delicious dinner, great drinks, and wonderful, fun conversation with friends!

After Dito's we went to Howl at the Moon (dueling piano bar). That place was amazing....great music, great service, just an all around blast! We ended up staying there all night. Err...early morning to be more exact :-)

So, I survived! I survived my 21st Birthday! And I actually remember most of it.

Now I'm looking forward to my extended 21st birthday celebration trip to Chicago May 21st-23rd. I have a feeling I'm not going to do so hot there....but I'm mentally and physically preparing myself for it now!

Thanks again for the bday wishes everyone!! <3


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