I'm Obsessed

...I look forward to meeting with you everyday, even though I don't always get around to seeing you.

...I do my best when we are together and I always leave feeling accomplished.

...You take my stress away and fill me with energy.

...You push me to keep going, even when I feel like giving up.

...You are truly unique in every way, I wouldn't trade you for anything.

Your Shape:Fitness Evolved, I'm obsessed with you!

If you've never heard of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, don't worry - I'll tell you about it. It's a Kinect game that offers personal training sessions (custom fit to your needs), gym games, and fitness classes. Never in my life have I ever been so consistent with my exercise. You can create friendly challenges against your fellow xbox friends who use Your Shape and track your stats (total calories burned, total time worked out, etc) at Your Shape Center.

So, world, there you have my confession for my love of a video game.

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  1. I need this!! Or well first I need to rearrange my living room so I can play this LOL!