Birthdays, Trips, and Snakes--oh my!

My little boy turned FOUR on Thursday!!! We celebrated with his (and my) friends by throwing a pool party. We all had a blast, were at the pool from 1:00PM until 6:30PM, and PJ was conked out by 7:00PM. That is what I call a success!

Friday Dave, PJ, myself, and a couple friends took a little road trip to Roseau (the capital of Dominica) one, so that we could take PJ to a toy store to pick out a present, two, because our friends girlfriend is on the island visiting and we wanted to show her around (if you're reading this--hi James and Bahar!!), and three, we went to visit our good friends (hi Rachel and Joel!) who live in Roseau and spend the weekend with them. In other news, I may win the award for longest run on sentence of the year --whew.

Anyway, back to Roseau. Once we arrived, we started off the day with an amazing local Dominican lunch:

Chicken, beans, rice, carrots, lettuce, coleslaw, and fried plantain!

Then we walked around town to check out miscellaneous shops. Take the "spice guy's place" (nicknamed that since I have no idea what the real store name is), for instance. He has every spice you could ever want, including teas. The best part, though? His rum! He custom makes pretty much any type of rum you'd want (or are brave enough to try). Avocado rum, passion fruit rum, chocolate rum, and even....

....Snake Rum!!! Yep, I had to get a picture.

The rest of the day we essentially just walked around giggling at business signs like this:

yes, I am 4 years old too *giggle*

...and relaxing by the water...

Two of our friends sadly went home, but Dave, PJ, and I had the pleasure of spending the night with our friends who live in Roseau. They cooked fresh Mahi Mahi (fish), chicken, roasted veggies, and taught me how to make a MEAN guacamole. Plus, we got to play with their ADORABLE puppy, Calypso...

Over all PJ had an amazing birthday weekend, we had an amazing time in Roseau, and we have the most amazing friends!! Life is good :)

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