First day of school! Pre-K style.

Today was a whirlwind of a day! We woke up at 7:00AM (earlier than we've woken up in... well, ever), and were out the door by 7:45AM. PJ started school at 8:00AM on the dot.

The entire school in one room! Pre-K through 8th grade.

There was a morning assembly and it was the highlight of my day. Don't worry, I'll tell you why since I know you're dying to know. At first there was a "welcome, hi, happy you're here" speech for the parents and kids. Then, when the principal got around to telling parents to make sure the kids brought snacks and water bottles everyday to school PJ loudly announced (to everyone) "OH, I have a water bottle!!!!!". Not sure if the principal was irked by that or not, but she continued and didn't acknowledge. Then, it was time for the students to introduce themselves one at a time, starting from Pre-K and going to 8th grade.

Since it started with Pre-K, PJ was the first one to stand up and exclaim "HI, I'm PJ!!". He proceeds to stay standing while 5 other kids stand up, introduce themselves, and sit back down (like their supposed to). PJ was finally asked to sit down, which he did. And now for my favorite part...

The principal asked, "4, anyone?" to see if there were any 4th grades to introduce themselves. PJ then semi-stands again, hand high in the air showing 4 little fingers, "Ohh, I'M 4!!!". The principal again didn't acknowledge. Louder, PJ again says "Four! I'm 4!", still oblivious to the fact that the principal meant 4th grades, not 4 year olds. I think someone shushed him at some point because he was finally quiet until they went into their classrooms. It was just awesome how obviously excited he was to be there!

After picking him up from school at 3:00PM, his teacher says "Wow, he's something else." I laughed and responded "Yeah, he's unique." (Weird reply, I know, but it was HOT outside and I was tired)... then the teacher says "And he's got a LOT of energy" to which I just smiled and nodded. Poor teacher.

There will never be another first 1st day of school (pre-k), and it was an awesome day I'll never forget. Now, getting him to tell me what he did in school today is another story. All I get in response is, "Nothing!!". Sigh. Anybody have suggestions for that?


  1. That is the same answer I got from Kash as well. Crazy!

  2. I know! Crazy right??? That's supposed to be high school, not Pre-K! Hmm...

  3. I ask specific questions to Lorelli. "What did you read? Who did you sit by? What color was your chair?" And get a schedule from the teacher of what their day looks like so you can ask pointed questions like, "Who's show and tell day was it? What did you do in circle time?" Things like that...It gets easier...they just need a little prodding.


  4. Holly and I were JUST talking about that this morning. Being more specific on the details is such a good idea! I always asked "what did you do today?", "how was your day?", "what did you learn?". I'm going to try the detailed questions this afternoon and see how it goes!