Tropical Storm Ophelia

Living in the Caribbean is pretty much what everyone cracks it up to be; beautiful, peaceful, and hot! Until rainy season that is. I have more appreciation for umbrellas and irrigation systems than I ever have in my life.

Last night tropical storm Ophelia hit Dominica. There wasn't a lot of fuss about this tropical storm like there have been in times past, but it has definitely given us a front row seat experiencing what Mother Nature can do.

Currently hundreds of students are without running water or electricity in their apartments (thank goodness our place has a generator!). About an hour away near Roseau, the capital of Dominica, flooding has overcome bridges and wrecked havoc in some communities.

*All photos were taken from today's article at*

Vehicles being washed away.

Flooding over a bridge.

Stranded cars.

Please keep those effected by storm Ophelia in your prayers. It is still raining (hasn't stopped since yesterday) and I just heard thunder!

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