One chapter ends, another begins

Tomorrow will be day number 7 that I've been back in the good ole' USA. Coming from an island with one road, gorgeous weather, and simplicity of life... I've been in a bit of culture shock. I know I've been officially reintegrated into Western civilization since:
  • I got my hair cut and styled. At a real salon. With real salon chairs and equipment.
  • I paid $60 bucks at the movies for tickets and over priced popcorn/drinks.
  • I went to a nail salon and they had more than one salon chair and clean tools.
  • I've been able to drink real whole vitamin D milk every single day. HEAVEN!
  • I've stuffed my face at a different restaurant every day and am still so happy about FREE refills on soft drinks. It's kind of a big deal- trust me.
  • My Droid has been ringing off the hook with calls and texts from friends. And, my nose has been in that and my laptop non-stop.
I miss the heck out of Dominica and my friends. But those friends have become my family and I know I'll see them again. Until then, I'm going to continue indulging. Cheers, friends.

P.S. I still have a lot of stories from Dominica to share and some updates about the future to come!


  1. So glad you made it home safely and are enjoying the good ole USA! Merry Christmas! P.S. - Your new haircut is gorgeous!!!

  2. I am one of the people blowing your phone up. I think it's great that you're here. And, as family, they will miss you so much, but I am sure that your Dominica family is happy for you, too!

    *Raises glass* Here's to LIFE-CHANGING times ahead!!!

  3. Thank you both!! Love you ladies bunches!!!