Text Bombing

I'm pretty sure Ive emphasized this point a billion times before, but I'll say it again for good measure-- being a spouse/companion on the island is an entirely different experience than being a student*.

With that said, I want to introduce the world to Text Bombing. My friends and I liked to get together a lot. And when I say a lot, it's probably an understatement. Toward the last few weeks it got a little ridiculous because we all knew that soon we'd all be in different parts of the world. But, I digress...

One night of not-so-abnormal debauchery the Text Bomb was born. If you're a few drinks in, have a group of friends in company, and want to have a good laugh, do the following:

1: Everybody whip out your cell phones. Don't fool yourself, you're probably on it already anyway.
2: Look around and see which friend decided to ditch out on the festivities that night.
3: Pick a ridiculous phrase (for example: Taste the Rainbow) and everybody text it to said friend at the same time. Text Bombing is better when more (at least 4?) people participate.
4: Wait for the replies. A good sport will text back each person with funny responses.

I passed out around 10PM at my own farewell party and was text bombed "Wake up little susie, wake up" by about 10 people (and another that is too inappropriate to share). But, needless to say, I got a few giggles out of it.

Now, go forth and Text Bomb**.

*Yes, we have a LOT of time on our hands to do stupid things like this.
** Whoever came up with the name Text Bomb must be really, really clever.


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