What is it in life that truly fulfills a person?

Is it finding 'true love'? Serving God (or being dedicated to whatever religion you practice)? Is it acquiring your dream career? Is it having wonderful bonds with family and friends? Money? Having children? Finding a hobby you love and enjoy?

I've just been mulling around contemplating tonight. Not necessarily for my life specifically, but life in general.

Everyone is different from the next (i'm sure I'd get 20 different answers from 20 different people in regards to this post if I asked for input) but ironically, one person isn't that different from the next. Right? I mean, there are 5 billion people in this world, how unique can each be (really)?

On the other hand, snow flakes fall and no two are the same (or so the saying goes). That's a stinking lot of different snow flake patterns! Even more than 5 billion I'd bet. But, how do we really know they're all different?

I'm just rambling now (shocker). Back on topic.

I guess everyone has their own perception as to what completely fulfills a person.In a way I'm sure everyone is biased and bases the opinion toward what makes them happy and content in life (I know I do).

As for me, I'm still not sure. I think it's a mix and match of a few different things but I'm still learning and searching complete happiness out for myself.

I'm just in a contemplating type mood tonight.Why I'm posting my nonsense for all the world to see, I have no idea. But good luck on your journey to happiness!


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