Video Gaming? Yes please!

I feel like talking a bit about video games. After all, it's a huge part of who I am. So, here we go.

A lot of folks look down upon adult video gamers deeming them as 'childish'. Saying that we need to 'grow up' and/or 'act our age'. Well, to be fair, some of adult gamers surely do! But for the most part (and from my very biased opinion), I believe that adult gamers are no less 'childish' than other people nor have the need to 'grow up' (minus those wacko's that give us adult gamers a bad wrap).

I have been faced with multiple questions as to why I enjoy video games, play in tournmanets/leagues, spend my nights (and some weekends) "locked inside playing those stupid games" (dramatic much?), etc. And more than being faced with questions, I get made fun of or mocked for doing so. /shrug shoulders

Sticks and stones people, sticks and stones!

Yes, there ARE people in this world who get addicted to video games. Their faces hardly ever see the light of day, thier relationships crumple, and most of the time they can't hold a job. But let me inform you of something (and you may need to sit down for this), there are also people in this world who commit murder and rape. Catching my gist here? Blanket statements are not your friend (in this case, anyway).

So, why do I play video games? I thoroughly, completely, most fully enjoy them!

Why do I enjoy it? Gaming (for me) is a huge stress relief and a way for me to relax at the end of a long day. What do you enjoy doing to unwind? Reading? Watching TV? Exercise? To each thier own.

What I love most about gaming though is Seasoned Gamers and the social aspect of it all. You're probably thinking "Social Aspect? Really?" with maybe a head tilt or eyeball roll thrown in. But heck yes there is a social aspect to gaming and you bet that I've made tons of friends (that I do consider close friends) online (and have never met them in real life, yet). Are there some dangers to this aspect? Of course there are. Being freinds with people online and furthermore, meeting them in person, can be dangerous. Just have a brain about it and be catious!

I've been apart of the Seasoned Gamers community for almost five years now and just this past October went to my first SG (short for Seasoned Gamers) meet up to hang out with them in real life. Since then I've been meeting more and more! They are some of the most kind, wonderful, fun people I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know and meet!

As for being a part of the leagues and tournaments, what can I say, I am a competative person. What better way to exercise this aspect of my personality? Sure, we have scrimmages and practices, but what team (sports, dance, etc) doesn't? Nerdy? Sure, why not, we can call it nerdy. But I'll bet I have just as much fun (or more) than you do when you < insert what ever team activity you're apart of here >  ! Are you rolling your eyes at me yet?

Are my only friends in the world online (SGers)? Do I isolate myself from society? Is my skin translucent because I never go out in the sunshine but instead lock myself in my gaming room to play to my hearts content? Good God no (to all of the above). One word: MODERATION. All is to be done in moderation and balance. Some people don't have such good moderation skills, but hey, who are you or I to judge what others do in thier free time. Plus, let me tell you, my 'gaming habit' is much less expensive than say going out to the bars or golfing every weekend! Say what? I can save money AND do what I enjoy and makes me happy? WIN!

I think I'm finished. And now that you are done reading this I know you feel more open, accepting, and excited about Video Gaming. No worries friend, I have free World of Warcraft trial account with your name on it (yes, all of you) < insert evil laugh here > !

Oh. Not a PC gamer? Go buy an XBOX and lets play some Halo, MW2, or L4D2. DOIET!


P.S. Ladies, if your spouse or boyfriend plays video games a lot, I strongly encourage you to consider picking up the controller (and/or keyboard & mouse) and giving it a try for yourself! Sure it may be hard at first (it was hard for me too) and maybe you are thinking "that is so boring" but let me tell you, there is nothing funner than playing co-op games together with your partner. Instead of vying for his attention, you can have his 100% attention and make both yourself and partner that much happier and content. Just sayin'. Guys, you're welcome. I will be accepting high fives later.

P.S.S. Krimp, although your snarky request for a blog post on the topic of "How the use of vibrators has improved women's rights in America." made me laugh out loud, I just don't think it's appropriate for this blog. At least not today. Nice try though buddy.


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