Celebrating Fathers Day in Dominica

Dave has played an enormous role in PJ's life since the time he was 2 years old and still in diapers. He's now almost 4 and growing like a weed! So, to show our appreciate and just how much Dave means to us, we surprised him with a little Fathers Day celebration.

While waiting at the bus stop to go to surprise location, we passed time by taking a few pictures:

After getting his picture taken a bunch, PJ decided he wanted to be the photographer (and he did a pretty good job if you ask me):

Being goofy.

By now I'm sure you're wondering where this surprise location was. I decided on.... *drum roll please*.... a resort called Red Rock. We ate at a restaurant right on the beach. 

 Dave (on left) and PJ's (on right) footprints in the sand.
Closer view.

Getting ready to sit down for dinner.

Dinner in paradise.

Without the flash.
Getting ready to head home.

The final surprise was giving Dave this card that PJ made:

Those are all of PJ's answers (written by yours truly), signature and colored heart.

You mean the world to us, Dave. Happy Fathers Day!


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