Road Trip, Dominica Style

I got a call from my friend around 11:40AM telling me she and her husband rented a car for the day. An impromptu road trip? Yes, please!

We drove by Purple Turtle Beach, Douglas Bay, Benze Pool, through Calibishie and the Carib Territory. We stopped and checked out Red Rock Haven, Batibou Beach, Woodford Hill Beach, a few other beaches (I forgot the names already), and the property that my friends own in the Carib Territory.

The beaches were absolutely stunning, but I think my favorite part was seeing the property! There was every kind of fruit tree (ranging from coffee bean, to star fruit, to sugar cain, to mango) and the view was gorgeous!! Over all, it was a long day (didn't get home until around 9:10PM) but it was so fun and adventurous.

You didn't think I'd end the post without showing pictures, did you?

A couple random snap shots along the drive: 

Pictures from Batibou:
Had to off road to get there but the scenery was amazing!

We spotted a mini waterfall along the way.

Closer view.

Finally made it to the beach!


This forest surrounds the entire beach.

The Property:
The view! My friends are going to be building a house here.

PJ and Joel picking oranges.

Joel about to cut some sugar cain!

PJ's sugar cain.

These are coffee beans.

PJ found some cashews.

Eating some fresh star fruit! 

Pineapple plant!
The property had gorgeous flowers.

 I got a branch of these to plant at my house!

After a while PJ was getting antsy and decided to be a photographer.

This is my stash of fresh fruit which included star fruit, oranges, papaya, plantains, coconut, sugar Cain...and a few others that I can't remember the names of.

Well, that's all! I live on one beautiful island and can't wait to explore more! Thanks again to Joel and Rachel who were kind enough to let PJ and I tag along for the day--we had an amazing time!!!


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