Cooking Adventures with Chris

My friend Chris is an amazing cook. So good that I'll literally be sad when the food runs out after he cooks a meal or brings a dish to a party. I also beg him regularly to open a restaurant. And nag him to at least start a cooking show. And finally, he gave in and decided to create his hosted cooking adventures in his kitchen (as well as other various places around Dominica.)

But why would you care about Chris and how great his 7 layered mexican dip was? Because I was in the audience at Chris' premiere cooking episode. If you're reading this and you know me to any extent, you'll want to watch this video. Why? I swear to you, you'll be able to make fun of me for this for a long, long time. Here we go!

Before you start watching, let me just urge you to trust me. Don't stop watching. Trust.

Watch this trailer video (only a minute long) before you watch the actual "episode"

Trailer - Cooking Adventures with Chris
Episode 1 - Cooking adventures with Chris

P.S. Next episode I'm going to sit in a dark corner in the audience!


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