"Dominica Directions"

In America when you go to a friends house that you've never been to before, one of two things happen:

1) You get detailed directions from a friend (including street addresses and/or landmarks).


2) You use a GPS (which is what I would do).

In Dominica, though, there aren't really street names and GPS isn't even in the vocabulary here. My favorite thing is what I like to call "Dominica Directions". This is a perfect example; A friend of mine is having a get together this weekend and sent out an email to all the guests. It read "Everyone, we are having the event at < took out the real host's name for privacy sake >'s casa. It's on Moo Cow Trail... the yellow house... and not too far from my house :)"

The only "real" street names used are Moo Cow Trail, Lizard Trail, and Bannana trail. The only major landmarks are KFC, the pool, or campus.

I rest my case.


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