Journey: Week Fifteen

Stop trying to compete against everyone else.

"Don’t worry about what others are doing better than you.  Concentrate on beating your own records every day.  Success is a battle between YOU and YOURSELF only."

The only thing I can think to share for this week in regards to the particular theme is a quote I just recently read out of Bethenny Frankel’s book Place of Yes, “Life is easier when you settle for less than your dreams, but "good enough" is not good enough for me." In my opinion, those are words to live by and as long as I'm going after my dreams, while I hope for the best for others, I'm too focused on my path to worry about how I'm doing in comparison.

In other news non-related to this week’s theme, I wanted to share some pictures of my recent trip to Virginia/Maryland. I was blessed to be able to go on vacation the entire week and I had an amazing time catching up with old friends and family. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip:

PJ at the park

My first wine tasting!

Meeting Jill!
Spending time with my sisters Madison (7) and Dani (25)

And I got to come home to a wonderful belated Easter dinner. This steak was so incredible, and the picture is too awesome not to post.


  1. I love the sisters pictures! You three look so alike. Glad you had a great break Nikki!

    1. Thanks girl!!! It was really awesome :)