Close Call

“I have decided to make a change in the part time person in my office...”

My heart sank as I read the email late Tuesday morning (August 31st) from one of my bosses who informed me he was letting me go. I was shocked and in disbelief, I felt like I had worked my butt off at this job. We even just started a new project that I was heading up and had gone to training for the week prior! This could not be happening.

Well, it did happen. I was let go from my job. See, that morning I had to call into work sick after a doctors confirmation that I had an Upper Respiratory Infection and sever Pink Eye. For the last two months, though, it seemed like either myself or PJ were sick nonstop (PJ with Sinus and Ear Infections and me with the Flu) so really, I guess I can understand why my absences during that period pushed my boss to make this decision. As a single mother, I don’t have the luxury of taking turns with my significant other to take off work and stay home with the little one. Not to mention the times that I was sick myself. But, life is life and this was the icky hand it dealt to me. One thing I’ve learned is that you just got to keep rolling with the punches, but no one ever said that is easy and sometimes those punches really hurt!

Luckily, I still had my other part time position, and after my employer found out I had been let go he upped my hours to 27.5/week from 20/week which helped tremendously.

I hit the ground running and started getting my resume out immediately to as many places I could. Other insurance agencies that could use an experienced individual, temp agencies,, everywhere! To my surprise, interviews came rolling in!

“Want a job?” was the title in the email I received last Friday (September 17th) from another Insurance Agent wanting to hire me full time. Offer ACCEPTED! The best part, in 90 days I’ll be due for a raise and benefits (I currently am getting paid less and have no benefits, so this is really exciting for me)!

Phew, that was stressful! Two weeks of being only a part time employee, not sure when or if I’d be able to find a full time job, nervous about getting all the bills paid and keeping food on the table! I am a lucky one though, two weeks is nothing compared to some horror stories of unemployment that I’ve heard.

I want to give a BIG thank you to all my friends and family who were cheering for me and sending all those positive thoughts my way during this process. You all are beyond awesome. I also want to give a special thank you to Lori and Helena for really going out of their way to help me. I was and still am so touched by your kindness.

It was a doozy, but I think the the flop in this game made that icky hand I was dealt playable. Ha, take that life! Another bump in the road, but another door of great opportunity has been opened. Sometimes things we experience in life are a blessing in disguise, I'll deem this as one of mine.

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  1. That is totally awesome! Glad you found a job so quickly. You're right, 2 weeks is pretty rare nowadays. Let us know how the new job goes.