Enrolling in School

So, Spring semester it is! Applications to Jefferson Community College and the University of Louisville are a go! Well, theoretically. I’m in the process of getting my high school transcripts, SAT scores, and all that juicy good stuff that applications require. But, the process is certainly rolling.

I must say though, I’m nervous. I haven’t been a student since 2007! And I wouldn't even call that truly being a student. I loathed my high school experience and enjoyed working way more than sitting in the class room. But, I graduated, thank God.

I hear that college gives a different perspective on education for people like me though. I’ll be paying for it myself, so I know I’m going to be giving 200% effort to get good grades. And now I know education is the big hoop life forces you to jump through before you can really attain a good career.

Now I have a big decision about whether to stop working completely and go full time, or work part time and go to school part time. I know I qualify for Grants and Financial Aid, but I just can’t see myself being a full time student and racking up all that debt. I’ll be living off my Financial Aid if I go full time (that means not only school fees/material being paid, but rent, bills, childcare, etc ). In fact, being that I am a completely debt free individual right now, it outright scares me!

Decisions, decisions. But, at least I got one decision right, and that is finally starting school again (one way or another). Win-win situation in my book!

Time to buckle down in life and bite the bullet. Heres to opening a new chapter...

If you have any advice, comments, or opinions on this subject I’d love to hear them.



  1. This post is making me feel old. I graduate HS in '97. That's not that long ago!

    Congratulations on going back to school. Can I share my one thought? "College is as fun as you make it." It's really true. Find groups to interact with and it'll be a lot more fun. What are you going to study?

  2. LOL! Well, my boyfriend graduated in 2000, so you really aren't that old (although I tease Dave that he's old all the time /snicker).

    It's a little harder for me to be really interactive with school, since I'm a single mom and all, but I'm definitly going to try my best to meet people, make friends, and study my butt off to get good grades!!

    I'm going to be an English Major and an American Sign Language Minor. Ultimate goal is to get my certification in Interpreting/Translating for ASL :)