HFL Playoff Recap

Three people, myself included, were disarming the bomb. A grenade gets lobbed into the base killing two of us, leaving only one remaining to try to make sure Sunshine State does NOT get a score on us. The third, and only teammate disarming the bomb, dies to an enemy who crept in the back of the base. The bomb is DISARMED, but wait... my whole team is dead, the bomb is still sitting on the bomb spot. A Sunshine State Sentential waltzed into the base, armed it, and scored.

That is just one of the incredibly intense plays from the HFL playoff games last night.

The season started off with my team, the Seattle Spartans, hanging out in last place of our division. With our first three weeks stats being one win, one loss, one tie, I know I was thinking the outlook on the season was already looking pretty grim! I swear we just couldn't shake the pattern of 1-1-1! Finally something clicked and our team was pumping out wins, miraculously ending the regular season as first place in our division. I am, and always will be, so proud of the Seattle Spartans for how we pulled together and turned the season around.

Last night was the playoff game against the defending HFL champion team, the Sunshine State Sentenials.
The first game was a slayer game on Heretic, one of my favorite maps. Unfortunately my connection was red bar, I lagged out of the game, and had one heck of a time trying to do anything lagging all over the place when I finally was able to play. I don't know how, but we managed to pulled out a win by just a three point lead. Incredible. I almost had a heart attack seeing both teams constantly switching between first and second place.

Now on to the objective games that we knew RoshamboYa, the Sunshine State GM/Captain, would have prepared and planned for. Any team going up against them would know how nerve wrecking that is!

Neutral Bomb on The Pit: Struggling over possession of the bomb at first, we finally snagged it and ran it to Sunshines base for an early score. As you saw above in the first paragraph, there was an intense struggle against Sunshine state but they were able to get the score and tie up the game. For the majority of the time left we were again fighting over the bomb, both teams determined to score the tie breaker and win. For us, it would mean the playoff games were over, securing our spot in the finals. For them, it would mean tieing up the series and a chance to win the third game presenting them the opportunity to proceed to the finals. Within the last two minutes of the game Sunshine State took possession of the bomb, got around our defenses, scored the tie breaker, and held our offense attempts making the final score 2-1 for Sunshine State.

Series tied 1-1 with just one game left. SCARY.

1 Flag on Last Resort: Seattle didn't do so hot the first offensive round. Sunshine kept us at bay and we were held at miserable 0 for the flag cap. Sunshine State's turn for offense turned out to be a quick success. Coming in with invisibility, Roshamboya grabbed the flag, high tailed it out of the base, and quickly made the cap. Now Seattle was DETERMINED to score on our last turn for offense as it was the only opportunity to stay in the game. With an awesome grab from Timtech, the flag was pulled out of the base and half way to the flag cap. A team effort got the cap and again, we were tied at 1-1 with only one round remaining in the game with Sunshine State as offense. Things were too quiet in the base as were anticipating an early rush from Sunshine State and didn't get it. Sure enough, Dinologic pops in with invisibility, grabs the flag, pops a bubble shield to protected his exit from the base and Roshamboya, who was waiting at the base exit, proceeded to pick off any Seattle Spartan going after Dinologic with his shot gun. Another score for the Sunshine State ending the game 2-1.

Series final is 2-1 for the Sunshine State eliminating Seattle from the Playoffs.

Phew. Those were by far the most intense games I have ever played. Couldn't be more proud of my team or the Sunshine State for their outstanding performance.

Hard fought... well executed... insanely intense... a LOT of fun...

Huge thanks to the HFL Architechs and all the HFL participants for an amazing time. See you next season.
Special thanks to my amazing team mates Timtech, Hawker, Mickey, Assasain, Sauce, and Blythe!

Congrats and good luck to the Sunshine State as they go to the Finals against the Montreal Gausshogs.

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  1. That's some edge of the seat commentary right there! Hope to see you in the SG Olympics. I shot you a FR too.

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