A League Of Their Own

“They’re gonna wi-in. They ‘re gonna wi-in. They’re gonna wi-in” THOMP …kid proceeds to fall to the ground. Way to stay classy by nailing a baseball glove to the side of an eight year olds head, Tom Hanks! Although, I’m not going to lie, that was mildly hilarious. Ok, I did lie, it was freaking funny. Does that make me a bad person?

Going into this movie, I had no idea what to expect. I mean, a bunch of chicks playing baseball-what is so pop culture about that? Well, nothing really, but I did get down right cultured. I guess, being born in 1989, I forget things used to be different for women ( you know, just like I forget that the internet wasn't ALWAYS around). The thought of women being looked down upon for being good at sports seems ridiculous to me, but last night I was enlightened. There was a time women were looked down upon for being good at sports, there was a time when women were shooed to the kitchen, there was a time when women were unable to get working jobs, there was a time when women were primarily only seen as baby making machines. Crazy! Don’t get me wrong, I knew about all that before, I just hadn’t really thought about it.

Thank you to whoever suggested this movie be put on the List. I was reminded of where our country used to be, how far we’ve come, and how proud I am to be a part of it. Also,I was pleasantly surprised to see Tom Hanks (yeah, I didn't pay any attention to the movie cover). He was so young!!!

A League of Thier Own… Check

I give this movie an A+++ AND a huge recommendation to watch it if you've never have the opportunity to see it before.
8 down...82 to go....

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