Anxiety vs Sleep

Dear Readers, Friends, and Family,

I am currently laying awake in bed at 9:54PM. Not able to sleep, yet trying desperately. With nothing but the hum of the heater (in this all together too cold room) and my thoughts to keep me company, becoming a worry wart about the move (7 days away in just two hours!) is what my night has amounted to.

I'm enduring an intense interrogation hosted by my mind! 'Did I remember to do that?', 'What do I still need to do?', 'Have I gotten in touch with that person so I can say goodbye?'

How ones mind can easily be your best friend one minute and then transform into your worst enemy the next is less than fun. But what can a person do to attack back in order to take refuge in peaceful sleep? Use a tranquilizer gun? Hmm, fresh out of those. Listen to Bob Ross videos on Though my chances of falling asleep listening to those videos is very high, so are the chances Bob Ross could end up in my dreams. No one would want that *shudder*. So should i count down from 1000? Um, when did that actually work for anyone, honestly ?

If you have any bright ideas to help me get through the next six nights, please post a comment!

Currently defenseless, I suppose I will continue to lay here and fight the losing battle against my flooding thoughts.

Short blog post, eh? Well YOU try typing an entry out on your Motorola Droid cell phone. :-P

Until next time,



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