Me, rambling? Never.

I think I've started typing out, then deleting, about five intro sentences at this point. So I'm going to stop trying... <**insert funny/clever/witty intro here**>

Not sure why I'm blogging at the moment as I have nothing of significance to share. But meh, its my blog anyway, right? That's right! And I do what I want! Including writing about nothing.

So now that THAT is out of the way....

I'm feeling pretty spectacular tonight! Why? See below.

1) My HFL team didn't lose all three games. Yippee! (went 1W-1T-1L)

2) My wonderful, thoughtful boyfriend called me this evening and played the piano for me. Its so relaxing and has become one of my absolute favorite things! (If you're reading this're the best, I loved it!!)

3) I got a lot of things checked off my To-Do list for the move today.

4) Did I mention my boyfriend called and played the piano for me? ;-)

So take that, stress! You have been conquered. For now anyway *knock on wood*.

I've always been a firm believer that its the little things in life that are the most enjoyable! I mean, would I love to be on a cruise ship sipping on a Mimosa, enjoying warm weather, and getting a tan rather than being at my home in icky, wintery VA? OF COURSE! But would I be any more happy or satisfied with life than I am right now? I can confidently say no, I wouldn't.

A long time ago I learned to never let situations or circumstances dictate my happiness. They can play a part, yes (and it would be naive to say otherwise), but they cannot, and i will not let them, dictate my happiness (or lack of ). I know that no matter what there is always a choice I can actively make. Even in the most miserable of times (been there, done that). I am the one responsible for my happiness. I am the one responsible for my satisfaction in life. BUT, by all means, after you are done reading this go buy me a cruise vacation (you know you want to), don't let me hold you back!

What is the point in all this? I have NO idea. I am just rambling now. Infact I am pretty sure I've been rambling the entire time. Meh. We've already been over this. My blog, my posts. :-P

Good night world!


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