Earning Achievments in Life: A new beginning

Dear Readers, Friends, and Family,

I am not one for blogging but I decided, if for nothing more than to keep my sanity, to start up a mini blog series about my move. It will cover topics ranging from the actual move, to settling in, to what life is like in Louisville, to my accomplishments achieved while walking down this path, to the obstacles I face as a young mother and moving so far away from 'home'. But 'home' is where your heart is, right? So here it goes....

Most of you know, but for those of you who don't, I am moving to Louisville, Kentucky in 10 days! Yup, just TEN days! I have so much to do and so little time. I know I’m going to have to work my tail off and it won’t be easy, but what in life IS easy when it’s WORTH something? Well, in my less-than-expert opinion, nothing is!

Over the months I have been faced with multiple questions about my decision to move. Why am I so attracted to a place in Kentucky? I mean, Kentucky is just all farms and rednecks, right? Who is in Louisville, do you know anyone there? Why are you moving?

All are quite good questions folks, and now you will have your answers:

Q: Why am I so attracted to a place in Kentucky?
A: The first time I ever visited Louisville I just fell in love with it! From the quaint restaurants and independent shops nuzzled all around, to the unity of the city under the umbrella of College sports (Go Cards!), to the beautiful River that runs through, to the night life excitement at Fourth Street Live, I just felt at home. I can’t really explain the feeling, I don’t fully understand it myself, but I know that is where I want to dig my roots, start my career, and raise my son.

Q: Kentucky is just all farms and rednecks, right?
A: To be honest, outside of Louisville, that statement may be correct! But to anybody and everybody who has ever been to Louisville, you know that statement is far from the truth for this city. And it is a city. It’s full of character and life, liberal arts and theaters, university and colleges, bars and night life, it’s got it all! And the best part? The people. The people, in my opinion, make Louisville what it is. Are there going to be few bad eggs in the basket, of course! Where are there not? But I can say without a doubt that it’s the most friendly place I’ve ever been, and I LOVE that.

Q: Who is in Louisville, do you know anyone there?

A: My boyfriend, Dave, lives in Louisville. But wait- tell that little voice inside your mind saying “Oooooh, you’re moving there to be with your boyfriend, it all makes sense now” to hush up for a moment, read on! I am NOT moving to Louisville for Dave. While he is a huge blessing in my life and I think the world of him….if I had chosen to uproot myself AND my son from life here in Virginia just for him, I think I would tie myself down to a bolted chair until I changed my mind. Is Dave living in Louisville a perk? OF COURSE, I love the guy for crying out loud. But let me remind you again, it is not (or even close) my reason for moving. Keep in mind, Dave will be shipping off (and out of state) for med school once he gets accepted. Knowing this, why in the world would I move there only to be with him? Ding Ding Ding, you are correct, I wouldn’t. This is MY move, MY adventure, MY start of a new life, MY choice. Please don’t take any of that away from me by putting me in my boyfriends shadow then pointing a finger and saying “that is why”, because I can assure you (for all of the previously stated reasons) that it’s not.

Other than Dave, I know my lovely new landlord/roommate Jeanette and her two children. Dave's parents and sister. And I am certainly excited and looking forward to making tons of new friends along the way-after all, that's one of the best parts about moving to a new place, right?!

Q: So then why are you moving?

A: It’s time for me to move on. This change, for me, initiates a new chapter of my life. Spending my high school and post-high school years here in Virginia, I have come to terms that I want out. I want a change. I want something different, and this is the perfect time for me to go after that dream. The city of Louisville holds a key for me, the University of Louisville, which has wonderful American Sign Language programs/classes. I want to start school, get my degree, and get certified in interpreting/translation ASAP. Wait a second, aren’t I the sole provider for a rambunctious 2 ½ year old? How will I do this? Determination. Ambition. Motivation for a better life for myself and for my child.

While in Louisville during a week stay in late December of 2009, an article came out in the local newspaper. The article stated that Louisville is in great need of interpreters/translators specifically for American Sign Language!! How beautifully ironic!! Reading that article re-fueled my drive to do this, made my desire burn brighter to take hold of this career that I’ve wanted for so long. It’s time for me to start working toward that goal. A goal that I’ve had since a freshmen in high school but due to life’s obstacles have not yet been able to take steps toward. But it’s time now. Time for me to fulfill that part of my life. Time for me to achieve!

So, with questions answered, with reassurance to family and friends, with a positive heart and mind, I am ready for my new life in Louisville! Again, just TEN days! I’m sure I’ll be kept busy packing, organizing, packing, saying goodbye to friends and family, did I mention packing?, and mentally preparing myself for this new path in life.

Stay tuned.



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