Procrastinate much?

Got title changed on the car… Check

Prescriptions filled… Check

Picked up PJ’s medical records… Check

Got some boxes… Check

Packing… oh noes!

Moving is a bear! Well, when you’re a procrastinator anyway. In the words of my supportive friend (SARCASM) Jango,
“Prediction. Instead of packing you will blog about how you really need to start packing.”
I think the worse thing is that after reading that I thought to myself “I like that idea!”. LOL!

Really though, I must start packing. Two days before the move (even though I don’t have much to pack) is far too late to have waited. I just felt like there were a million other, more important, immediate things that needed to be done. Like playing WoW getting the title changed on my car, squeezing in last minute doctors appointments, getting together with friends and family to say goodbye. I’ve tried to think of things to make that list longer (and more impressive) so I have an excuse about pushing off packing, but that is all I can seem to come up with. And looking at it written out like that makes me want to crawl under a rock and hide. I haven't accomplished much at all! Am I really that bad of a procrastinator? Apparently so. Ouch!

I'm a member at, and have been posting pretty regularly about my move. Today, specifically, I was proud of the fact I had picked up boxes. Another dear friend (SARCASM) Magnum wrote in response
"Have you blogged about that yet?"
Double ouch! Am I really that blog-happy?

Well, Jango, Magnum, and others that like to criticize my new found love for blogging, I am not capable of packing at the moment so therefore, yes, I will blog away to my hearts content.

Now, where was I? Oh, procrastination! It's always been a less than great trait of mine (rushing to get my homework done right before class, or chugging coffee to spend the night finishing a project for a deadline at work) but I've ALWAYS gotten the task completed! And not only completed, but completed well! I just work better under pressure I guess?

So not only will I have everything packed and ready to go by Thursday evening but it will all be downstairs near the door, organized and waiting to be loaded! Impressed? I know you are :-)

In other news, I'm going to be meeting with my American Sign Language teacher from High School tonight. I haven't talked with her in about three years and I'm excited to tell her that I'm finally actively going after my dream to become an interpreter (and am going to show her that newspaper article I told y'all about). She is, after all, the one who taught me everything I know and plays a HUGE role in my love for American Sign Language. I'm just sorry that we lost touch for so long (I had a lot going on in life) but it'll be good to say goodbye and to thank her for all she instilled in me!

With my blogging done for the day, I think I'm ready to get packed, say my last goodbyes, and hit the road Friday!

Wish me luck!


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