Interviewing my 3 year old

I wanted to get inside my sons head, so I did an interview with him. Scary, I know! It took a little prodding to get answers, well, actually a lot of prodding, but he indulged me!

What is your favorite movie?
Toy Stowy Thweee (can you tell we're still working on the R's??)
An admirable choice if I do say so myself.

What is your favorite song?
Uhhh, ABC song

Who is your favorite person?
Hmmm...Anabeth* (cute little blond in his daycare class)
Fail! You were supposed to say Mommy!

Who is your best friend? (A chance to redeem himself!)
I said Anabeth!


What is your favorite food?
 Oatmeal and ceweal!  *pauses for a second* Mama, can I have some oatmeal??? Pweeze?
Had to pause the interview to make him a bowl....

What is your favorite toy?
Transformers! Megatwon and bumblebee. But Mama, Megatwon is bad guy!
Yes, yes he is.

Do you like the pool or the beach better?
PJ: The pool.
Me: Why do you like the pool better?
PJ: Because I do.
Me: Oh, okay. *realized I'm not going to get anything more than that*

What is your favorite thing to drink?
Fwuit Juice. 
Good choice. The juice here is pretty amazing.

What is your favorite thing to do?
I don't know mama, why you askin me questions?
Fair enough. Interview officially over!

*For the record, this little girls name is actually Anabelle. As such, I will continue deceive myself into thinking I am in fact his favorite person and best friend since he didn't really know he's "favorite" persons name.

P.J. will officially be FOUR years old in less than a month, can you believe it?! Time flies...


  1. That's awesome! You better watch out. He'll be asking you for pointers on how to land the babes before you know it.