That person

You never want to be that person. I think you know who I'm talking about. No? Here are a few examples:

That person with the huge piece of spinach in their teeth. Nothing is more distracting during a conversation.

That person with the huge boogar hanging out of their nose. I lied about the spinach, a boogar is much more distracting.

That person with toe curling body oder.

That person at the check out counter chatting on the phone, not paying attention to the transaction and holding up the entire line (GET OFF THE FREAKIN PHONE!).

That person who has deadly bad breath.

That person who cut you off in the left lane, then slows down in front of you (for heavens sake WHY do they do this?).

These people at walmart...

Sorry to those who enjoy it, but I think Planking is dumb.

The underwear revealers, as I like to call them.

Today, though, I was that person. And it was horrifying. The story? Well, when using public bathrooms I always put toilet paper down on the seat as a "guard". Hovering just isn't my thing. Today before grabbing PJ from daycare to go home, I stopped at the bathroom. After PJ and I had walked 90% of the way home I kept feeling something brush up against my leg. Is there a string hanging from my shorts? A bug? What the heck is it? I reach down, touch the back of my thigh, and there it was. A semi-long, white piece of toilet paper stuck to the back of my leg. Oh. my. gawd. I don't think I've ever been more embarrassed in my life.

Keep in mind, I walked around campus (tons of students saw, I'm sure) and half way through town (locals were probably laughing) before I found it. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm going to hole up in my apartment for a month or so. I don't really want to show my face in public for a while.

What is YOUR "that person" moment?


  1. hahaha... oh Nikki.

  2. Sorry you were "that girl" today! We all have those days! I like that you went home and checked out People of Walmart... that will always make you feel better about yourself, right?!? Hahahaha.

  3. oh gosh, sorry it happened to you, but that is too funny!

  4. Katie & Tracy: Yeah, it was the WORST thing at the time... but now I just find it hilarious(hence my blog post).

    Clare: Um, YES. It almost makes me sad we don't have a wal-mart here. If we did, I'd have totally went today to get a self-esteem boost-- I really needed it!

  5. Hahaha!! Thats awesome, and the huge reason that Im a hoover type girl.

    If you want though Ill go to a walmart here and take some pics for you <3

  6. This had me laughing out loud! Not at you, but with you...we've all had those moments

  7. That's the thing about being "that" person - you just never know.

    I was at a family picnic the other day when my friend's HUSBAND pointed out that my thong was hanging out. Not embarrassing AT ALL.

  8. Good point, Kim. When my son was a few months old he grabbed my shirt, pulled it down, and exposed my boob. That wouldn't have been so bad if we weren't at a public restaurant! Sigh.