Sneaky Sneaky

PJ has started to use his little brain and tap into his inner devil. Lately that devil, disguised as a cute little child, has been terrorizing me. I see it sitting on PJ's shoulder whispering mischief to him and snickering at me. Let me give you a for instance.

Yesterday we ordered Chinese for dinner and I got PJ his favorite dish, pineapple chicken! From the time we got home all I heard was "I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm hungry" to which I wanted to scream "I KNOW, CHILL OUT!!!". Instead, I calmly assured him the food was on the way.

The food arrived in the nick of time, PJ was about to go into a fit of rage over how hungry he was. I scooped his rice and pineapple chicken into a bowl, put it on the table, and was thanking god that he would finally stop saying "I'm hungry!". PJ took about 3 bites (not exaggerating) and then the devil came out. He looked up at me and said "Mama, I'm SO full. I go play with transformers now." Woah woah woah! Are you KIDDING me? Half an hour of whining and that's all you're going to eat!? After about ten minutes of pleading with him to eat more, I gave him the "Fine, if you're going to leave the table, you don't get anything for the rest of the night" speech.

Fast forward to bed time. I put him to bed, complete with hugs and kisses. About thirty minutes later, sitting in my room working, I thought I heard his door open. I figured I just imagined it because PJ normally falls asleep pretty quickly. Then, I heard a crinkling sound in the kitchen! A rat, maybe??? I sprang up from the bed, went into the kitchen, and there was PJ with a bag of cookies in his hand. The little devil talked him into trying to steal cookies, BEHIND MY BACK, into his room!!! Needless to say, I gave him a stern talking to, reminded him about the dinner fiasco, and put him back to bed.

Around forty minutes later I was thirsty and went into the kitchen for some water. I noticed PJ's blanket on the floor--weird! Then, a light caught my eye. The fridge was open! Did I forget to close it? And then I saw them. Little feet poking from under the fridge door. CAUGHT AGAIN trying to sneak marshmallows.

Will someone please, please tell me how to get rid of the little devil? Surely there is a way.


  1. WOW- nice comment before mine haha.

    They make locks for fridges- that will keep him out. If you can't find one there I don't mind mailing you one, they're only a few bucks. and just might save your sanity.

    My kids used to ALWAYS get into the pantry very very early in the morning. It was such a pain!

  2. LOL As bad as he's being, it is seriously funny. :D

    You could always try the approach I've heard for when animals start stealing food. Booby-trap any doors leading to food with things that make really loud noises. The theory is that they noise will be sooo loud that it will discourage any further sneaking around. ;) lol

    If that fails, hide all food that sounds delicious to children in places that are unreachable! Good luck! :)