My Little Secret

I've worked up the courage to divulge some very secret information about myself to the world wide web. Information that could ruin my reputation in the eyes of friends, family, and readers everywhere. Okay, here it goes *deep breath*...



world of warcraft.

There, I said it. I play World of Warcraft! You don't hate me, do you? Will I forever be labeled a nerd in your eyes? I hope not! I just want to let you know that not everyone that plays this game does so for hours on end holed up in a dark room, is addicted to mountain dew, sports a beiber haircut, and spends every waking hour (when not playing) thinking about their WoW characters gear, upcoming patches, raids, or questing. There really are normal people that play this game too, I promise.

I started playing a year ago when my boyfriend convinced me to give it a try. I've been hooked ever since! And now we not only get to study together during the day, we get to share a hobby we both enjoy at night (one or two nights a week, and that's if we're lucky)! So, does your boyfriend/husband play video games? Do you play with him? I can't be the only female significant other that games with her man! Right?

To take my shameless announcement of playing World of Warcraft one step further.... here is a link to my WoW character, Shiftynikki (if you have any interest in checking it out). And with that, I'm going to go cower in a dark corner somewhere (with my mountain dew and laptop...).


  1. Don't worry, I game too. I love to play Rainbow 6 on the X-box with the hubby!

  2. I already knew this- but when you first told me it was kinda shocking. You are a nerd in my eyes. But I still love ya <3

  3. Ha! It takes all kinds I suppose.

    Sorry it's been so long since my last visit. Good for you that you game with your dude. I've never actually met a gamer girl in real life. Kinda weird actually...

  4. Tracy- I knew I couldn't be the only one!! Go us!!


    Ken- It's great to hear from you! Hope all is going well :-) And if you ever decide to go to an SG meet up, let me know! Would love to hang with ya.