Blogging Challenge Day 8 & 9!

Blogging challenge Day 8: Does your spouse like it here?

PJ and Dave exploring

Dave has really appreciated his time in Dominica but is now eager to get home. The experience living here as a student is completely different than living here as a spouse. I feel that all Dave gets to do is study in a classroom and be stressed out. I get to go on hikes, have cook outs with friends, do game nights, and really enjoy the beauty of the island. Hopefully he’ll get to do more fun things here before it’s time to go!

Blogging Challenge Day 9: Has anything made this journey easier for you?

The Ross Spouse Organization. This wonderful support group offered so much information from their website, to actually getting a sponsor to answer my 101 questions (thanks Katie!!) , to being welcomed when I got here. I truly think that if it weren't for the Ross Spouse Organization things wouldn't have gone as smoothly with my transition here. I'm so grateful for this amazing group of people!


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