What has been better than you expected?

Blogging Challenge Day 2: What has been better than you expected?

Easy, the people. I've been blessed to meet so many amazing people on this journey. The locals are so friendly and one of my favorites was James Bond. He was our tour guide while visiting Secret Beach and Indian River (where scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed). Another shout out to Curvin, Linde, and Victor for being awesome, too!

James Bond - Taking us down Indian River

Of course, my fellow spouses. I can't imagine what it would be like here without these ladies. We've had so many good times and I know I'll always cherish my memories with them.

Brandi & I

Me, Clare, Katie & Emily - Spa night!!

Rachel Challenger and I

< insert picture of Rachel Levy, Delon, Brianna, Amanda and Chris here >
I don't have a picture of this group of people, but I assure you they are great!

Last but not least, Dave's classmates and best friends from the beginning of his time here.They embraced PJ and I the moment we arrived on this island and are the definition of friends becoming family.

Arman, Sara, Saeed, Zach, Matt, Dave, PJ, & I - First dinner on the island together!

All of these friendships (and so many more that I didn't mention because this post would be 3 pages long) have made it a a once in a life time experience that has made the journey better than I could have ever expected.


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