Tell about an "only in Dominica" moment.

Blogging Challenge Day 6: Tell me about an “only in Dominica” moment.

A a few weeks ago PJ and I were walking home from school. We took our normal route going through campus, up the main road, past the shacks ( which is a food court, kind of), past the IGA (grocery store), then went to cross a bridge over a river. Once we arrived at that bridge the day took an interesting turn. Under the clear blue sky on that nice hot day there was an old Dominican guy, hanging out at the side of the river (you could fully see him from the bridge). And, he was stark naked. PJ even screamed it to anyone within a mile of us "MAMA, HE'S SHOWING HIS WIENER *giggles*". Awesome, PJ. Thanks a lot. Only in Dominica.

Note to readers: In no way am I saying it's bad for a Dominican to be naked at a river. Still, when I saw it I was shocked and I literally remember thinking "only in Dominica". How appropriate!


  1. The theme for your next booze cruise? Hmmm?

  2. Bahaha. If there is enough alcohol it could definitely be a possibility LOL.