What do I miss most about Home?

Blogging Challenge Day 1: What do I miss most about Home?

When I think of home, one of the first things that come to mind is an image of streets lined with amazing restaurants. Even McDonalds and Taco Bell made an appearance in that thought (I know, I'm desperate!).

The next thing I think of is my beautiful silver Toyota Camry. I miss the crap out of that car.

Another very strong contender for "most missed" is my beloved Target. One-stop-shopping is sadly a thing of the past for me now. It’s more like a four-stop-and-an-hour-drive-away-shop. Sigh.

But I think the thing I miss most, the object of my missing, the missing above all missings are FREE REFILLS. Paying a flat rate for a drink and getting free refills is so taken for granted in 1st-world countries. Think about it.

SIKE. You didn't really thing that what I miss most are free refills, did you? The true and sincere answer for this blog challenge (although I do miss those other things) is my family and friends. I can't wait to see you all soon!

Look for my blog post tomorrow for Blog Challenge Day 2: What has been better than you expected?


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