Am I happy all the time??

A friend told me today that it encouraged them that I’m so happy all the time. I literally had to pause and re-read the message a few times--then just sat and thought about it. First, I was incredibly flattered that anybody would even say that to me. Second, I was just totally floored by their statement.

“All the time” and “happiness” in the same sentence is very extreme. And, to be honest, the first words that popped into mind were “hell no I’m not happy all the time!”. Doesn’t this person know that I get irritated, angry, annoyed, furious, depressed, and generally CERTIFIABLE on a daily basis? How could anybody think I am happy all the time??

Then, it dawned on me. For the first time in my life, I am an independent woman. Independent of any person, any place, any situation, and I am embracing life on my own terms. I think that the freedom and excitement for this chapter of my life is radiant. And, if that shine shows happiness, then fuck yes I am happy all the time!!!

You know who you are that sent me the message. Thank you for inspiring this blog post.


  1. Nikki, you are so cheery and fun to be around :) Congrats on being a happy, independent woman! You go girl!

  2. Thanks so much Clare!!! I hope when you get state side we'll all be able to have a little reunion somewhere. I miss you lady!!!