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It’s been a little while since I’ve written an entry for my mini blog series Earning Achievements in Life. You know, the one where I'm jotting down my experiences, ups, downs, and accomplishments of my new life in Louisville. It’s been a while, but it’s time to revive the series.

What a ride it has been and man time has flown by! This weekend will mark 5 months of Louisville living under my belt. It seems like just yesterday I was stressing to find boxes to get my stuff packed back in Virginia!

So, what has moving to a new place been like? How have things been going? Has Louisville lived up to my expectations?

I’m not going to lie, moving 10+ hours away from my family and being taken out of my comfort zone was pretty stressful at first. Scrambling to find a job, making sure daycare for PJ was squared away, being certain that living expenses could and would be taken care of… I’m pretty sure I have three gray hairs at 21 years of age because of it all. Nothing unexpected of course, but it was (and still is at times) stressful. I’m happy to say though that I have a secure full time position as an administrative assistant (even got a raise of sorts recently, receiving commission on top of my base pay), PJ (although switching home daycares twice) is now in a Preschool/daycare center and is loving it there, and even the move within a move (switching from Jeanette’s house to our cozy apartment downtown) wasn’t too bad. Hopefully now that I feel like we’ve found our niche here the stress level will be turned way low and the enjoyment level way up.

I do have to say though that yes, Louisville is every bit as wonderful as I thought it was the first time I ever came here. Although Dave is leaving the country for Medical School this Saturday and it will be different without him here, I am still so happy to call this place PJ and my new home and I look forward to exploring, enjoying, and digging my roots even deeper day by day.

I also have fantastic news to share. As you may recall, my primary motive to move here is to attend the University of Louisville. On August 10th my FAFSA was approved and received by the University. I qualify for government financial aid as well as the Pell Grant of $5500. I’m waiting to hear from a counselor at UofL any day now and (*knock on wood*) will begin school in spring of 2011.

So, cheers to the daily grind. A new life for PJ and myself has been planted, I fully intend to keep you updated as each flower blossoms along the way.




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