This and That

PJ bowling for the first time!

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I thought maybe it was because I lost my muse but then decided it is more probably because life has been rather hectic…but hectic in a more emotional as opposed to ‘busy’ sort of way. Does that even make sense? Anyway, moving on..

You’re probably sick and tired of hearing me talk about Dave and his big move to Dominica. Well, don’t worry, in just 27 days August 28th will have come and gone. Dave will be studying away in a paradise of sorts and I’ll be…well, enjoying life in Louisville. As each day goes by though, I get more and more stoked for Dave and the beginning of his new journey as a Med School Student!!!!

I’m excited to say that I finally looked into financial aid and student loan options for myself and am hoping to start at UofL in the spring of 2011. I’m almost 100% positive that I will qualify for the Pell Grant, which will give me about $5,000 per school year…but I’ll have to be registered as a full time student. I’m just not sure that it is emotionally or physically possible while parenting PJ and working part time at the least. I suppose it’s time to just bite the bullet, apply for all that I can, meet with a school Counselor, and go from there.

Hmm….so there really hasn’t been much else going on in my life.

Oh! I was sick for almost three weeks with a crummy viral infection, then bronchitis and two ear infections. That was super icky and unfortunately was bed ridden for almost 4 days. Thank goodness for Dave who helped TREMENDOUSLY with PJ. Being a single parent really has it’s less spectacular moments and having to depend on someone else to help take care of your child when you’re sick is one of them. But I guess that makes me that much more lucky to have someone like Dave in my life who is ready and willing to be here for me and my son. I'm fully recovered now and am so happy to finally be feeling normal again!

Ok…lets see…what else…

I guess I’ll resort to bringing out my nerdyness and talking about what is going on in my video game world. I’m currently in two leagues, one is with the game Left 4 Dead 2 and one is with Halo. The Halo league is coming to a close with just one match left (which includes three games) before the playoffs. I’m so proud of my Seattle Spartan team as we are currently number one in our division and have the best overall record in the league. Anything can happen though, and it ain’t over till it’s over, so *knock on wood*.

The L4D2 league is quite interesting to say the least. I never played the game before, but decided to sign up to have some fun with SeasonedGamer buds. My team has been doing fantastic. We’re only three weeks in and up until last night, were number one in our division. Unfortunately, we went three losses and only one win last night which I’m sure dragged us down at least one spot. It’s ok though, we have plenty of time to rally. I have to say, I haven’t had this much fun playing a video game since…well, possibly since Halo2! Lots of laughs and good times.

So, I guess that’s really all there is in league regards. I am back playing WoW again, grinding my way to level 80 (currently level 68-sigh). Got to PvP and go to Northrend for the first time the other day. Pretty cool stuff I must say! Also, I have the privlege of playing StarCraftII (thanks to Dave!!!!!!!!!!). Of which I’m having a blast with. It brings back so many memories, and those graphics are DARN good. What a spectacular game. If you're a gamer and have never played a PC game, or even if you're a PC gamer and have never played Starcraft.... try SCII. I gaurentee you'll be blown away.

Oh… how could I forget to give an update on little PJ!?

He’s doing great. He got bumped up early (about 4 weeks early to be exact!) from the two year old room to the three year old pre-school room at day care. He’s getting incredibly smart and he amazes me everyday. He is also eating me out of house and home. Every second it’s “I’m hungry mommy”, it cracks me up, but he needs all the food I guess because he's growing like a WEED. Potty training is still going spectacularly, no accidents in a LONG time (except at his babysitters for some reason – sorry again Steph!). He also went bowling for the first time about a week ago and LOVED it. All in all he’s growing up like a three year old should be. Well, technically he’s still two years old but his birthday is in just 16 short days! Dave and I are taking him to the zoo to celebrate.

That’s all folks. Until next time…



  1. Ok.. first you play Halo? I didnt know! My kids play it- they are crazy good, and beat most adults {scary lol)

    Congrats to PJ for moving up to the 3 yr old room, In my opinion it should have been sooner hes SO smart- and talks like a 4 year old!!!!

    If you and Dave need any time alone Im always avaliable =]

  2. How did I miss this comment?!?

    I'll totally play your kids at halo. I LOVE it and have played since Halo 2 (i'm a NERD) haha.

    PJ is very smart. Too smart for his own good, little mischief maker!

    ...Daves going to be leaving soon so I'm sure we're going to want some alone time. I can't believe how fast August 28th has come :(