Quest For Pop Culture

I wish I would have done this earlier in life, but I guess better late than never right? I've basically created my own version of what Julia, from the movie Julie and Julia, did (come on.. I know you saw that movie, didn't you?) but instead of cooking recipes, I'm watching movies!

I've decided to embarking on a quest to get educated in pop culture. Some (and by some, I mean Bob) may say that it seems as if I've lived under a rock for 21 years. Some are absolutely stunned while I sit silently as everyone around me is laughing at a Ferris Beuer, Mork and Mindy, Animal House, A Christmas Story... well, lets face it, pretty much almost every classic or 'must see' movie joke/reference/quote. Heck, I've even had someone say I made a part of themselves died inside after I stated that the only part of Ghostbusters I’ve ever seen was the part when the guy is using a vacuum to get the ghost.

I guess I'm ready to be the one jumping in on the jokes, laughing along, and-gasp- even maybe some day the one MAKING the funny jokes in reference to these classic movies.

So, I asked my friends on SeasonedGamers to come up with a list of 'must see movies' for me and they did with much success. So much success in fact that watching just one movie a week would take me 130 weeks to see them all. That is over 2 years (I tried to break it down into years, months, and days... but alas, I’m going to go with simply saying 'over 2 years').Yup, that's right folks. I now have a list of 130 movies to watch. And trust me, that list could have been longer, but in hopes that I don't end up trying to pry my eyes out with a fork from watching so many movies, I cut off  the movie submissions when the list reached 130.

What's the plan? Watch at least a movie a week. As I knock out movie after movie on the list, I plan to write a review and post it on my blog, but lets be real... I doubt I'll write a blog review on each and every one. Hell, I"m hoping that I stick to my guns here and actually watch EVERY movie on this list. I will say though, that I promise to do my best and I will update the list, crossing out movies I watch as I go until every one has a strike through it. So, without further adieu I present you 'The List":

12 Monkeys
A League Of Their Own
Airforce One


American History X
Animal House

Best in Show
Better Off Dead
Big Trouble in Little China
Blade Runner
Blazing Saddles
Boondock Saints
Bull Durham*
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Chasing Amy

Child's Play
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Con Air
Dazed and Confused

Demolition Man

Dirty Harry

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Down Periscope
Evil Dead
Evil Dead II
Evil Dead: The Army of Darkness

Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Field of Dreams*
Fight Club

Fletch Lives
Flight of the navigator
Ghostbusters II


Hot Shots
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Johnny Dangerously
Jurassic Park II
Jurassic Park: The Lost World

Lethal Weapon I
Lethal Weapon II
Life as a House
Lost in Translation

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
My Blue Heaven
My Neighboor Totoro

National Lampoon's Vacation
No Country for Old Men
Office Space
One Crazy Summer
Pale Rider

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Pulp Fiction

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Rambo: First Blood
Rambo: First Blood Part II
Raw Deal

Real Genius
Red Dawn
Reservoir Dogs
Romancing the Stone

Say Anything
Short Circuit
Sixteen Candles

Spies Like Us
Stand By Me

Terminator: Salvation
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
The 6th Day
The Big Lebowski

The Breakfast Club
The Fugitive

The Godfather
The Golden Child
The Good the Bad and the Ugly

The Goonies
The Great Outdoors
The Jerk
The Karate Kid
The Monster Squad
The Naked Gun
The Natural
The Professional
The Running Man
The Terminator

The Three Amigos
The Usual Suspects
The Virgin Suicides
The Warriors

Top Gun
Top Secret
True Romance

Uncle Buck

Weird Science
What about Bob

Young Frankenstein
Young Guns I
Young Guns II

Wish me luck!


  1. Ok. I admit I havent seen most of them....
    BUT- Wheres Robocop? Its a MUST see! All 3. well atleast the 1st.

    We have Ghostbusters- both- You should come over wth PJ one weekend and watch it. My kids LOVE it! I think you have inspired me to make a list like this of my own! how awesome!

  2. Steph - That's awesome! I'll definitly add Robocop.

    I'm totally feeling a movie night! I have a TON of movies to watch and the more to experience them with, the merrier! :) I'll call ya!

  3. You need to add the John Hughs collection. (breakfast club, pretty pink etc.)

  4. oops I guess I did not read further before commenting. :D