About Dominica

I asked Dave to describe Dominica a  little so I could conjure up a blog post about it. Alas, I looked over and he and PJ were too cute having some quality time with the new xbox 360 game, Portal 2, to interrupt. I pulled some resources, though, and I should be able to give you a little idea about the island.

As described in September 2010 by Discovery Channel TV Series – Man, Woman, Wild! it is a "steaming jungle hell". Don't believe me? Google!

It is home to the second largest boiling lake.

It is only 29 miles long, 16 miles wide.

There is no Starbucks or McDonalds. Yes, that means it's really a third world country.

The ocean is always warm and the beaches are black sand because it's mostly Volcanic rock (the whole island is a volcano).

The island used to prosper off of the Banana trade but Dole and Chiquita pushed them out of the market.

You buy electricity prepaid, just like prepaid minutes.

To cook using the stove you use propane, similar to firing up a propane grill. I'm scared.

These are just some random facts that I've heard and read. For much more in-depth, less "trivia" sort of information check out this blog. It's very informative and well written.


  1. I'm so excited for you!!!! I'll take the beach over Starbucks any day.

  2. Hey I think I have been on that beach in the picture!

  3. um... scary lol.. but you have to take a billion pics so i can see it.