Ultrasounds, Cat Scans, and Shots- Oh my!

Two months and nine appointments later I'm finally done with the doctor’s office. Mostly to get vaccinations, doctors’ appointments have been a regular part of my schedule recently. Not only did I have the unlucky pleasure of getting tons of shots (ick) but my doctor discovered that I have an ovarian cyst. I was sent to the hospital to get an ultra sound of my ovary and luckily the results showed that it's very small. I then went to a gynecologist who ordered another ultra sound which showed that the cyst had dissolved already and on its own (score!). That was awesome news and whatnot, but I was still having pain in my abdomen-- back to my primary care physician I went! A cat scan was then ordered at which I got to drink the yummy contrast drink and get an IV. The results came back normal and my doctor came to the unofficial conclusion  that endometriosis is causing the abdomen pain.

So, long story short, nothing is seriously wrong with me (yay)! Now I can go back to thinking about 80 degree weather and beaches....


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