Mother of the Year Award

Last night Dave, PJ, and I were at the baggage claim in the airport waiting for his luggage. There was a family with about 5 or 6 kids ranging from toddlers to elementary school age that were all running around like crazy. We were just hanging out talking when all of a sudden we hear a guy say "SOMEONE HELP THOSE KIDS!!". We look over and the two toddlers were screaming for help (couldn't be older than 3 years old) who were half on the baggage conveyor getting pulled by the belt (and they almost got pulled into the back area). I was in shock that I actually witnessed a Mother of the Year Award moment in person. Dave slow clapped at the mother. Moments like this make me sad for humanity.

What kind of Mother of the Year award stuff have you been unlucky to see?

Totally unrelated, here is a picture from last night:

PJ assured us he was strong and wanted to pull the luggage (and he did all the way to the car).


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