Week 2: Gym, Cleaning, Homework

It turns out this week has been about even smaller things than confrontation and sticking up for myself. Those are more long term goals, and yes, I will still work on them.

More practically, and as embarrassing as it is to admit, I feel this theme has been about things such as going to the gym, cleaning my apartment, getting school assignments done…the list could go on and on.

Yesterday I whined on facebook about the fact that I should go to the gym, but really didn’t want to. And I mean, really, really, really didn’t want to. I have some great friends who gave me a lot of encouragement and one friend said: “Don't run from your problems. Face them head on. Go to the gym!” Now, I’m sure there is some sarcasm in there after having read my Week 2 theme (thanks, Todd) but it actually really hit home for me! Facing the problems in life that I really don’t “feel” like or “want” to do is exactly something I need to tackle. Procrastination is such a huge mountain for me! So, I went to the gym. And you know what? I felt really freaking good about it when I got home (you were right about no regrets, Austin!). I still feel great about it. In fact, I think I’ll go again today, and the day after that.

Now about cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and vacuuming, well… still working on “facing” those problems. But, not until later tonight… I really don’t feel like doing it right now.


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