Work, tornados, and gas!

It started off as a beautiful Tuesday morning with temps in the high 60's. Plus, it was my first day of work! I was SO excited and a little nervous before I walked into my State Farm office...

It got even more exciting and nerve wrecking, though, when we started hearing tornado sirens going off (about an hour after I arrived). Then, after about ten minutes of sirens, we started seeing things like this:

This was taken from my phone WHILE the tornado was passing.

And all of a sudden we hear a lot of people making a commotion out back. So, we go and take a look and see that a tree fell over on the gas line to our building...

Evidently when a gas line is hit you're ordered to evacuate, which we did. For hours. A fire truck showed up (I actually called it the Fire SUV) to square things away while my boss was gracious enough to take my co-worker and I out to lunch (thanks Terrence!!!).

While waiting, though, we drove around and saw a lot of the wreckage (a block away from our office):

Needless to say, when we were finally able to start work sans gas leak and tornado, it was a VERY busy first day back being an insurance agent. PJ and I are both safe and sound, though. Have you ever been through a tornado before? I'd like to hear some stories.


  1. Yikes! Weird, nothing happened over here. Glad you came out of it ok. Were you able to get any pictures of the tornado?

  2. Steph- I'm glad it wasn't bad out that way. I actually was kind of scared there for a minute!!! And no pictures of the tornado, but if I would have taken a video you could hear it.