Adventures, Adventures!

A picture of Mirror Lake in Merango Caves.

On Saturday (March13th) we (PJ, Dave, myself and friends) drove out to Merango Caves. It was AWESOME. We went on two tours; the Cystal Palace Tour  and the Dipstone Trail. PJ had an absolute blast and for the most part did an awesome job exploring the Caves (awesome job = no screaming, crying, or whining). When PJ was, lets say, 'less than awesome' it was close to torture. Anyone ever hear a kid scream in a cave? One word: Echo. But anyways, since we left, I haven't heard PJ stop repeating "mawmi, I want to see tha bates mawmi, pweez. Bates I see mawre, Pweez." And yes, we did see real live bats (or in PJ talk, bates). *shudder*

I will post more pictures once I get them uploaded onto my comp. Until then, take my word that it was gorgeous. I haven't been to a Cavern in years and I'm really glad we went! There is just something exciting and super (yes, I said super) fun about little random adventures like these. The tour guide said that Kentucky/Indiana have some of the largest caves in the entire US. We enjoyed Merango so much that we're thinking about trucking (2 hours) out to Mammoth Cave in the near future.

On with the blogging.

I wanted to talk about differences between Virginia and Kentucky (and boy are there some major ones):
  • Kentucky cars only have rear licence plates where as Virginia requires front and rear licence plates. It took me a little while to adjust to seeing vanity plates on the front of cars here.
  • There are no Chic-Fil-A's in Kentucky (I know, depressing right!!).
  • On the flip side, there are Sonic's everywhere....SCORE! (Virginia had zero Sonic's)
  • In Kentucky, "Hi" is pronounced "Hai" and "Bye" is pronounced "Bai". (Please oh please oh please don't start picking up that accent! Yes, I just spoke to myself. On my blog. For everyone to see /facepalm. I mean NO OFFENSE to those with the Kentucky accent, more power to ya!)
  • College sports in Kentucky are a HUGE deal. In Virginia we (edited) they could care less. Pro sports for the win!
  • In Kentucky, if you're in an elevator with people you betchya you're going to be expected to say Hello and make small talk. In Virginia, people avoid small talk, etc, like the plauge.
  • Kentucky rush hour traffic is thirty minutes to one hour tops as opposed to Virginia's annoying, horrible, grueling, two to three hour rush hour traffic! WOOT
  • In Kentucky, when people tell me thier number (or when numbers are advertised) they don't say the area code. In Virginia you always say the area code first and then the number. /shrug
....I think that is all for now. I'll add more as I think of it.

The job search is still going strong! I had an interview Thursday (with Lakeshore Staffnig Agency) which went great. They're going to call me as soon as they have an opening. I'm really hoping for something to come along with Lakeshore because they, unlike any other Staffing Agency I've worked with in the past, offer Medical Benefits for thier empoyees! So again, keep your fingers crossed and keep sending good thoughts my way - I need them!



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