Running. Or lack of, really.

The only thing that comes to mind when I think of exercise is *GROAAAANN*. But, that’s normal right? I mean, if exercise was easy (or fun) America probably wouldn’t be the country in which the most obese people live. American's are really good at doing things that simply feel good at the moment, forget that the hard stuff, we want fun and we want it now!!

Well, I decided it’s time. Time for what? To get back in shape, friends! It’s been way too long. Three years too long, actually. I used to be very active playing hockey, soccer, going bike riding, inline skating, etc. Ever since I became pregnant and had my son, though, all exercise in my life went out the window and my body is proof of that. /sigh

After reading an article titled "Yes You Can" at SeasonedGamers about how anyone can become a runner, I got motivated to get my rear in gear.

I tried (hard!) to talk myself out of going. The excuse that I am a single parent, worked all day, and was exausted didn't hack it, so I even had a conversation with myself about how my work out pants were in the laundry and I should just wait until the next day to run when I could wear them. Thanks to the article though, I came back with a rebuttal to my own argument and quoted the steps it gave for new runners:

  • Step outside in whatever you're wearing.
  • Run slowly.
  • Stop when it feels bad.
  • Walk back.
  • Tell someone what you just did.
 So, I went out in my jeans and tshirt and ran. The ‘run’ (more like speed walk, then run, then speed walk more, then sad attempt to run more) was laughable at best, but it’s the effort that really counts, right? It’s the proving to myself that I do have the will power to get myself off the couch and onto the pavement so that the next time I feel weak and think that I ‘can’t do it’ I can look back and say ‘you’re wrong, you can do it, get your ass out there!’.

So, day one of running (no matter how pathetic it was) is complete!

My mind is still groaning about the thought of going again tomorrow, but hey, ‘nut up or shut up’ right? If I want my body to be looking like it did 5 years ago, it’s my gosh-darn responsibility to do something about it. /sigh. I hate when I’m right and win arguments against myself.



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