Just Truckin'

Well, everything worked out with that part time job! I trained on Saturday for about two hours and today was my first full day of work. I loved it! It's a quiet environment with straight forward projects and my boss is awesome!

Not only is the part time job fantastic, but I have had two calls to schedule interviews for full time positions I applied to last week.

You know, sometimes I really thought I was crazy moving out here. Sometimes I'd debating with myself if I was out of my mind for going through with it. Sometimes I was unsure if I would actually make it out here on my own. I'm now realizing that I was 110% right for following my heart and am understanding more everyday that my life (and this experience) is what I make it to be. And thank heaven, things have been going spectacularly. Even I didn't think I'd have scored a job (even though it's part time) and be working my second week here and that i'd already be getting bites on my resume for full time positions.

Not to mention Louisville seems to be one of two places in the US and Canada that sells Whole Soy Bean pasta and I was able to send some to a good friend's son who was in need of it. Right place, right time I guess. It could be a coincidence, but I don't think it was mere coincidence that I chose to move here. I truly believe I was meant to and have a purpose in Louisville. Things couldn't possibly be going better and I couldn't possibly be happier. PJ is having the time of his little life too. Today was his first day in the new child care center. In short, they love him and he loves them! Again, another incredibly lucky find!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous out here in Louisville! It was in the mid 50s over the weekend and 70 today! Dave and I took PJ to a big park near the river and it was wonderful. We all had a blast. Next weekend we're going to the Louisville Mega Cavern, It should be a good time, I'm really looking forward to it.

I also found a deep appreciate for all the small and big things in life today while reading this blog titled Living Strong. After reading most of her entries, I am so much more thankful for all I have and for all the wonderful people in my life. If you decide to read it, grab a box of tissues before hand!

So, not too much exciting news, just truckin along :-)



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